Hope your weekend is totally fabulous and you are enjoying the season you are in… I oh so slightly fell off the blogging bus… because life got really hectic. But hay, we get up again… and right back where we left off…


  1. Where We Have Been:
  2. Since this month began we have been to Robben Island for a massive cleanup, spent a week adventuring in the Karoo, done more clean-ups, hiked a little more, celebrated another birthday. Done ALL our usual school, been to gym daily, run two actual races and tutored some scholars we know for their end of year math exams. Can I just mention we had a last minute 21st celebration at the end of last month, and the “slight” associated chaos… Not to mention it is Spring… and I have sprung full tilt into major cleaning out the house mode.

    The view of my days just lately

    In the past, I would have just slept less and less and kept on blogging, and I tried that… but seriously, sleepless nights are a thing of the past for me. I have to face the facts that if you get up at five in the morning, and only finish teaching at 9:30 at night, then you really can’t go log post after that. However… you will be glad to know that I have taken lots of photographs, and when I haven’t been able to get to a computer… I have been reading up a storm… so we have a lot of adventurous posts and book reviews coming your way.

  3. Reading and Listening:
  4. Why has no-one ever recommended the Mysterious Benedict Society to us before… this book is a fabulous all ages book and we are loving it. Full of puzzles and “aha” moments, not to mention funny. We are loving it… it is the story of a boy and his friends who are trying to solve a series of puzzles… and they are extremely good at it, in their own way. A truly feel good read that requires you to think on your feet as you read through it!!! Otherwise, for your listening pleasure, my younger kids are loving all things to do with Earth Ranger Emma, on Earth Rangers Podcast. Amazing and incredible animal facts, its short and sweet, 15 minutes max and my kids love it!!!


  5. I Have Been Blogging over at Sport Science:
  6. My usual monthly post on the ins and outs of getting in shape and “Where I am at in September,” and then I also reviewed the Sport Science Online Sleep Programme… it is the best sleep resource I have ever worked with. If you want to understand your sleep and practical ways on how to improve it, then this is the course to take. The best thing about it is that it is online, so you can really join in from anywhere.


  7. We have some GiveAWay Winners:
  8. A while back we had some giveaways on the blog and along with all the craziness that has been going on here: DK’s Crafty Gifts and The Girl Who Smiled Beads. I never got to post the winners. So huge congratulations to Ronel and Cassey… your books will be with you shortly.



  9. Next Weekend is the 24th Cape Town Kite Festival:
  10. The 24th Cape Town International Kite Festival is at Zandvlei, Muizenberg (corner of Axminster and The Row) on 27 and 28 October, from 10 am to 6 pm. There is lots of parking at Muizenberg High School and access by train (False Bay or Muizenberg stations). Entry is R40 (R15 for children 12 years and under). Everything you need to know is on their website, over here.

  11. Links I Have Been Looking At Lately:
  12. Where to Find Us:
  13. When you can’t find us on our blog, you can always find us on Instagram… where we share a lot of our daily life or Flickr, where all the photos from every adventure, get loaded up. Pinterest is where we share projects that we think you will enjoy, and finally twitter, where I tweet about books and environmental goodies…

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