It is finally, finally happening… a little rebranding and a whole lot of funky features are going up on the blog over the next week or two… In the meanwhile I thought I would bring you se7en fabulous snippets that you need to read…

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It has been a really busy week… just saying… but I have a few blog posts actually waiting to be posted… and you know I can’t just let them rest…


  1. So the Gang were thrilled to be nominated as Ocean Heroes at the Shark Center… we are going to celebrate with a week of ocean blogging next week!!!
  2. Shark Centre


  3. Sport Science is having a Dad’s and Daughters Day this weekend… sign up quickly!!! And I have been blogging over at Sport Science… its a newsy post about races I have run, goals I have achieved… what’s working, what’s not… would love you to take a look.
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  5. Swimsuit season is upon us… and if you haven’t read Styling You’s annual swimsuit post and you are thinking of hiding in a closet for yet another summer… then this is the post for you. Gear up and get out… this a must read, if you read no other blog post all year, then this is the one to read!!!
  6. We recently blogged about our Beach Cleanup that took us to Robbin Island… and here is a video, of the event by Sustainable Sarah, talking about the Beach Cleanups that we do.
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  8. This is just magical… Can you imagine empowering girls to run through the Serengeti.
  9. IMG_2407

  10. There is a new sign board up at Cape Point and can we just say: HOOOOORRRRAAAAAHHH… they have finally split their prices into local prices and overseas prices. This is such a good thing… making local sites a little more accessible to local visitors. For years Cape Point has been unaffordable to most of the people living in Cape Town, this is a tiny step in the right direction.
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  12. And from the Guardian: The plastic backlash: what’s behind our sudden rage – and will it make a difference?
  13. se7en-04-Jun-14-DSC_0476.jpg

  14. And a week of high highs and low lows. This week five years ago, we lost our little Hood 9… And I will keep on posting about it, because it is a ridiculously unsung song. People don’t talk about the babies that they have lost, and yet there is no shame in living with a deep and abiding sadness, for the baby that you have loved and lost…

And that’s it for now… Happy Weekending…

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Friday Fun… Se7en+1 Quick Reads…”

  1. Se7en,
    Hugs and prayers to you, five years later…the grief may ease but you never, never forget your little one. And wonder…Much love xxx

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