We seem to be leaping into Summertime over here…

Se7en Things You Need to Know Right Now…

It has been a week of catching up with old friends and beach cleanups…
Sealand Cleanup

    Magical Movie Time

  1. The gang recently had a micro-moment of fame, and featured in the incredible movie, Tidal, produced by the UCT honours film class of 2018, about one of our ocean heroes… Lisa Beasley. There is a screening on the Beach this Tuesday… check out the details in the image below…
  2. Tidal Screening

    And a change of venue… because of the weather…

    The Latest News Over At Sport Science

    Fathers and Daughters11

  3. I blogged over at Sport Science this week: There is always lots to read in those posts…
  4. Brilliant Book Events

  5. Penguin Random House are hosting a lovely book event on Saturday… their events are always brilliant, and you can meet “the real” Miss Honey from Matilda the Musical at the Artscape.
  6. Matilda - EB CPT

    GiveAway Season…

  7. We have two fantastic GiveAways on the blog right now. Both books written with a lovely local flavour:
  8. HomeSchoolers Galore

  9. Freddie’s Mummy in the UK made a List of Over 30 of the Best Homeschool Bloggers (2018)… So thrilled to be on the list!!!
  10. The Book I Can’t Wait For…

  11. I have followed Julie Bogart, the Bravewriter, for years… you have to have to have to listen to her podcast for kid friendly writing inspirations… I am so excited for her impending book, I just can’t wait.
  12. The Sea Change Project…


  13. If you love the ocean, and particularly our local ocean then you do want to take a peek at The Sea Change Project. We had a glance at their beautiful book last week and it is is pure magic!!! And I just noticed that it is a GiveAway on the Two Oceans Aquarium Blog… dash over and take a look!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en Things You Need to Know Right Now…”

  1. I didn’t even realise Julie B had a podcase! gone and subscribed. will be interested to hear what you think of the book.
    Having been a hser for so long it’s hard for me to find something new to get excited about, kwim?

  2. Hay Erin, She does have a podcast and even us veteran homeschoolers will find some of them resonate well with us… Otherwise do you follow her on instagram? @JulieBravewriter go and check out her first feature story on exercise tricks… you will love them. Because of her, I swam 100 lengths… I think you will love them!!!

  3. Oh my word Cassey, you are the very first to notice!!! So much work and so worth it… It has been the same for over ten years and long overdue for an upgrade… I am loving it… I just keep reloading to look at it again and again!!! Thank you so much for noticing!!!

  4. Hay MrsFF, we are the champions of so much going on!!! Thank you so so much for stopping by, how lovely to have you visit our new site. Hope you have had a great week… sending love to you all!!!

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