Hello December and we’ve made a special calendar for you this month… it is an Advent calendar.


You are welcome to either print the first page as our usual calendar and decorate a tree each day for the month of December or you can print both pages and with a craft knife cut along three sides of each window on the first page. Line your pages up and as you open a window each day of the month you will reveal a Nativity scene as December rolls along. To print them out click on the images, they will open in a new tab… choose to print them using “landscape,” it just works better.


Meanwhile here are our links and ideas to add to your calendars and explore during the busy month of December…


2 Replies to “Se7en’s December and Your Free Printable Calendar…”

  1. Just 11 days late but I have printed the calendar. K would have so much fun colouring in and can let mama rest from having to tell her how many more sleeps until Christmas daily

  2. MrsFF, Thank you so much… that’s fantastic news!!!I am sure you have no idea how many days it is until Christmas (!!!) and a friendly reminder is exactly what you need… again and again and again!!! Sweet times!!!

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