I had this wonderful idea… that we would spend the month of January cleaning out our entire house, before we fell into the busy-ness that is our school year. We have gone through the whole wild house… kitchen, boy’s room, girl’s room, school stuff… everything. We have tossed and tossed and tossed… it is the middle of February and we are still sorting. We had to take a pause and clear out the garage completely, we simply ran out of space for all the donateables. In the past we have tried fifteen minutes a day, and it works well… we have tried a drawer a day, and that worked somewhat… the thing is just do something, just start… and I actually feel like the end could be in sight. We have reached the messy stage where we have to decide where things should go and how we are going to store them…


And so, because this sort of massive decluttering could actually go on for ever, and endless begging from my children (weird homeschoolers that they are), we have started another school year… so far that has meant two trips to the library, three beach days, a photo shoot, a hike and two audible books. What can I say, these students of mine are kind of living their best lives.

Se7en Things You Might Want To Know


  1. One of our instagram photos featured in a GetAway Magazine post… thrilled about it!!! Ten Tips About Living With Less Plastic.
  2. Nothing got my kids running like Mina Guli and her #RunningDry campaign… along with encouraging their friends to run, they ran and ran and ran… even getting up before the crack of dawn and rushing out the house en masse… I am proud of them, they made it onto the 100 Water Heroes water droplet…
  3. 100-heroes-FINAL
    Image from the MinaGuli website… look in the bottom right hand corner… there is a photo of our feet after clocking another run together.

  4. I really really have to make one of HungerMama’s Hunger Pot meals… Just the all-in-oneness of it I will have to give it a try!!!
  5. I was saddened to hear the news that Walter Munk, the father of Oceanography, had passed away. I worked with him during my postgraduate studies.
  6. The Problogger’s post: How to Find Your Spark: 4 Places to Look First. It’s an excellent read…
  7. Masterclasses-WatchNow-Mobile
    Image from World Book Day Website

  8. Just a head’s up… It’s World Book Day on 7 March… and their website is packed with fantastic resources: printable, games, videos, online classes… absolutely everything to love about BOOKS, BOOKS and MORE BOOKS!!!
  9. Last week I blogged about Great Gatsby’s… and a couple of you wanted to know where to find the best Gatsby in Cape Town…
  10. DSC_0060

  11. It is Museum Night in the City of Cape Town on Thursday, 21st of February… we have had great success with Museum Night at the V and A Waterfront, not once, but twice. This event will be held in the area of the Company Gardens: Museums like the Slave Lodge will be open and so will the District Six Museum…

Otherwise… a little interesting Green News… have you seen the FlipFlopi Expedition… A Kayak, on an adventure and it is mad out of flip flops. Ho and check it out, it’s amazing!!!

And Author’s 4 Oceans… go and take a look at this, turning the tide on plastic… literally!!!

That’s us… hope you have a fantastic week!!!

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