It’s World Ocean’s Day let’s celebrate with some lovely new Ocean Resources from Struik Nature… and Exploring a new Youtube Channel that you really should be following.

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If you are looking for an ocean adventure… then look no further than my recent swim around Cape Point. And if you are looking for an incredible Ocean Outing then call the Shark Center and thank me later… every experience we have ever had there has been a brilliant one. And if you are looking for an Ocean Experience… then Check out the Beach Co-op’s New Moon Beach Cleanups, join them in Muizenberg Corner any or every month.
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A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World

by David A. Ebert, Marc Dando and Sarah Fowler

This is the definitive guide to Sharks around the world, if you, like myself, are a shark lover, then this is definitely the book for you. It has a short and very useful introduction to Sharks, a guide to their teeth and fins that are particularly useful for shark observers. Then the book dives straight into species identification pages. From cow sharks, to lantern sharks, from carpet sharks to cat sharks… who knew there were so many varieties of shark. Pages and pages of sharks and all with their own special features and really intriguing. Each spread has an illustration page for identification of a shark and then along side a descriptive written page with the details about the particular shark: geographic location, habitat, key features, colouration and so on, as well as that species status. There is also a glossary, an appendix with a list of ocean terminology… and a checklist to tock off the species you have spotted and discovered. This book is an incredibly beautiful resource, a huge effort to get all the details of sharks throughout the world. I love the feel of the book, it’s A5 a strong soft cover book, that can definitely withstand accompanying you on shoreline adventures. This book is a must have for ocean loving families, especially shark lovers.

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Marine Mammals. A Guide to whales, dolphins and seals of Southern Africa and the Southern Ocean

by Chris and Matilde Stuart

This is a guide book written in two parts, the first part is about key features and behaviours of whales, dolphins and seals, in generalised way and the second part of the book works through each species. Each specie gets a spread with a fully labeled illustration and full colour photographs, emphasising what to look out for. Not to mention each spread is packed with facts. And a little highlight box, “Best Viewing,” where best to spot a particular species and what specifically to look out for. This book is A5 in size, will fit in a pocket, and is brilliant for quick and easy identification. Especially good if you are wandering along the shore you want to be able to tell at a glance, and often you only get a glance, about what you are looking at.

Explore the Shore a Youtube Channel

Professor of marine biology Charles Griffiths and his son Matt.

This is a series of short videos, about a particular species of creature that can be found on our local beaches. The information is presented with such enthusiasm and passion that you can’t help being excited about the discoveries too. There is a new video every other week and we look forward to them launching. You can follow them on instagram as well, at ExploretheShore.

Episodes so far:

  1. Garden Limpets
  2. Starfish
  3. Barnacles
  4. Tides – if you have ever wondered how tides work, then this is the one for you.
  5. Chitons
  6. Sea Urchins
  7. Granular Limpets
  8. Edible Seaweeds – with my friend Roushanna Grey from Veld and Sea.
  9. Feather and Brittle Stars
  10. Marine Biodiversity
  11. Mussels
  12. Cushion Stars
  13. Intertidal Zonation

And many more episodes to follow. You can find the intrepid father/son team on instagram at Explore_theshore.

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These books were given to us for review purposes by Struik Nature. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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