Se7en’s Sketchbook

The sketchbook project is just our best art project that we do as a family each year. This page provides a little tour of the sketchbooks we have done so far… and we would love you to step inside and take a look at the stories we have to tell!!!

A Tour of Previous Sketchbooks:

Sketchbook 2013: A Travelogue

This book is packed with places we have been and places we would love to go… top tips for traveling with kids, what to pack and where to go… it’s also just a bit of fun…

Click on the images to step inside a book.

Sketchbook 2012: A Companion Book

I was thinking of a Companion Book as a little book full of things you need to know and packed with little reminders‚Ķ things you don’t want to forget. A simple cover belies a notebook packed with tips and ideas… things every family wants to remember, every family needs to know… fun stuff, serious stuff… things to collect and pop into your year book, things to do in and out of the seasons. Gift ideas, craft ideas, game ideas, travel ideas… Packed!!! Click on the cover and step right in…

Click on the images to step inside a book.

Sketchbook 2011: A Day in the Life…

This little book describes a day in the life of a family with se7en + 1 kids… maybe not all the laundry and dirty dishes you might think!!! You really do want to click on the cover and step inside and see what we get up to!!!

Click on the images to step inside a book.


Thanks to the SketchBook Project… for such a fun time!!!

35 Replies to “Se7en’s Sketchbook”

  1. Wow! Absolutely fabulous. We will be looking for your book when the tour comes to San Francisco!

  2. wow!! fabulous!! gorgeous!! wonderfully creative family :)) love how it shows the blessing of big families

  3. Hi Karyn, Yup, it isn’t often that slightly larger than average families have a chance for a positive shout-out!!! I hope you have a great day!!!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful – what a creative mom and family you are!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is WAY cool. You guys (all se7en +1 plus mother and father person) did such a great job and describes a day in your lives pretty accurately.

  6. Hay Irene… Glad you like it!!! Yup it really is a day in our lives!!! Hope your “back at work” is going well!!! Have a good day!!!

  7. Hi! Long time no see… well, no write, because I’m still reading, but too busy to read daily!! I know it is a bit late, but happy new year!!

    I really love your book, it’s amazing how you managed to describe your daily life in such a creative yet acurate way!

    There is only one tiny thing I don’t like, and let me explain: the stamp from Spain depicts Francisco Franco, a military general who participated in a coup d’etat which evolved into a civil war and finally became head of state, causing Spain to be one of the poorest countries in Europe. He represents soooo many bad things that happened in Spain for 40 years that it is a shame to put it in such a lovely book!! If you like I can send you lots of beautiful Spanish stamps, but please BAN that horrible man forever!

    Please, do not think that I am offended or whatever, sadly it is difficult to follow track of so many dictators…

    Have a great week!!

  8. Hi Lili… You are always so good at spotting details, I am so sorry about the offending stamp. I for one would never honor such a person. It was really just a bag of old stamps that I have used for collage art with the kids… Really I had no idea why such a stamp would even be floating around in use!!! Gosh I will so get rid of the stamps today. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me!!! Otherwise, apart from that I hope you have a fine day!!!

  9. this is so wonderful, I was actually moved to tears, and how corny is that! thank-you for sharing your ideas.

  10. Oh Joy-Marie… So glad you enjoyed our sketchbook!!! It was great fun to share about our life and times!!! Have a good week!!!

  11. ooh….I thought i’d seen every nook and cranny of your blog but I somehow missed this amazing sketch book! Its awesome! Think I shall rush off and think of what to put in ours ūüėČ

  12. Ph Kim… We loved making our sketchbook… crammed the project into a week… Our next one just arrived in the post and I must not leave it to the last minute!!! Dying to get into it… but where to start!!! Hope you have a lot of fun putting yours together!!!

  13. Hi Joy, Thank you Thank you so much for stopping by. Life with eight kids does indeed have many, many, many brilliant moments!!! Hope you and your family have a great 2012!!!

  14. What a beautiful treasure for your family to have! Your children are lucky to have such a creative mother! And you are lucky to have curious, creative children.

  15. Oh Rosemary, I love it when folk stop by our Sketchbook… really they are the most funnest project of the year around here – we talk about it, we think about it, we plot it, we plan it!!! Really it is just such a fabulous project – we love putting it together!!! Thank you so much for your kind comment. Hope you have a great day!!!

  16. This is a very amazing idea! What an activity to do as a FAMILY!?!! Together!?!!?? It is an idea beyon clever!!! I only wish i hadve thought of it 14 years ago! However, I always say “its never too late”. Plus, as teens, my sister & I started something kind of the same. As we went through our lives we started a HUGE binder, we called “The Book”. At that time it was full of favorite aongs, sayings, events, important jour al entries. Anyway, life took over & living it changed everything in the Book LOL LOL–I am looking forward to starting this updated version of a type of “Family Journal” yearly, that you have shared with us here. Thank you ever sooo much ūüėČ

  17. Hi there Jeanine… Thank you for your enthusiastic response!!! We so enjoy putting these books together, we literally put our lives on hold for a week or two every January to create them… it is a project we all enjoy doing – no, it’s never too late at all!!! Hope you get your family project off the ground… wishing you all the best!!!

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