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Se7en’s Ultimate Party Guide…

February 1st, 2012 · 4 Comments

If you have never read one our party posts then this is the one to start with: Se7en Steps to a Good Party, all the other posts hinge off it. Of course none of the fun ideas have to be saved for parties… we often do just one or two aspects of a party round here to liven up a day…

So enjoy… all the party stuff… and this year we are definitely back on the party bus… and there will be at least se7en + 1 new parties to read about!!!

I thought I would write a quick post on how to party… And it is probably the best place to start reading about parties on our website.

Se7en Steps to a Good Party…

However, that post very quickly expanded into something a whole lot bigger than a post, so I followed it up with a series of posts packed with tips for party cakes, party pinatas, party games… really everything you need in one spot… so scroll down to look for specific topics and if you get lost – no problem… just click on the orange party button on your left and it will take you straight back into the dedicated party page.


Step 1: Se7en Themes and Invitations.

Se7en Party Invitation Ideas…

A Treasure by Torchlight Party Invitation


Step 2: Se7en Easy Party Starters… and Gift Ideas.


Step 3: Se7en Challenging Party Games…


Step 4: Se7en Types of Party Crafts – Packed with Ideas.


Step 5: Everything you need to know about Party Pinata’s…


The Quickest Piñata in the World in Se7en Steps


Step 6: Party Food and Especially Party Cakes…

Se7en Bazzillion Cake Ideas…


Step 7: Se7en Mini and Se7en Major Treasure Hunts.

Se7en Successful Scavenger Hunts

A Treasure by Torchlight Party Invitation

Party Packs – If You Must!


A Heap Of Party Themes

Birthday Party Themes:


An Underwater Party in Se7en Steps.

Quick and Easy Circus Party in Se7en Steps.

The Great Tea Party Round-up with games, treats, crafts and stories…

Mr Magnolia Trumpet, with Trumpets that go Rooty, Toot, Toot.

A Little Red Hen Party.

Crazy Chemical Chaos Party in Se7en Steps.

A Red Hot Chilli Party in Se7en Steps…

Where the Wild Things Are Party in Se7en Steps…

A Dog Party in Se7en Steps…

Roald Dahl Day Party Ideas…

A Motor Bike Party…

A Quick Lemon Party

Se7en Steps to a Science Party…

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss… A party in Se7en Steps…

Se7en Steps To A Pony Party…

Se7en Steps To A Penguin Party.

And what about some Non-Birthday Parties Ideas:


A Triathlon Party

A Valentines Party in Se7en Steps…

A Crafty Party.

Welcome to the World – A Zero Birthday Party

A House Warming Party

A Baby Shower in Se7en Steps…

Christmas Party Themes:

DSC03010.JPG 101-0176_IMGDSC_0329

Clearly Christmas: A Kids Christmas Craft Party.

Clearly Christmas: A Christmas Cookie Swap in Se7en Steps…

Se7en and the New Year Tree Party…

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4 responses so far ↓

  • 1 auntymuffin // Feb 1, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Precious memories!

  • 2 se7en // Feb 1, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    Aunty Muffin!!! Indeed… lots of photos of your grown up kids when they were small and mine when they were so much smaller!!! Why don’t we notice how fast it all goes!!! Hope you are having a good week!!!

  • 3 katherine marie // Feb 2, 2012 at 6:23 am

    one thing is for sure— you all know how to have fun!!! big party little party… WOW!! I cheat and call everyday a party! Just imagine all the memories your crew will cherish when they look back at these day-t0-day events and BIG events!!!!

  • 4 se7en // Feb 3, 2012 at 3:03 am

    Hay KM…My kids are bringing the parties back… I came to post our little one’s arty and realized al the posts were – hokum – way out of date… So fixed revived and a new year full of pending parties!!! I can’t wait!!! Hope you guys are having a fun week!!!

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