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Saturday Spot: Our Readers Have Built a Library for Lesotho… Book by Book…

August 27th, 2012 · 35 Comments

We are about to begin a new school year and we couldn’t help thinking about our adopted school in Lesotho at the same time.


This time last year our family was getting ready for our first trip to Lesotho… I know it feels like last week… but really we started to plan and prepare in August last year…

It was a very different world to the one that my children were used to… and we loved it!!!


We knew we were headed into a rural part of Lesotho and that we would be staying in a village with a small school that could do with some resources. My kids brainstormed around the dinner table one day and decided it would be wonderful if we could take each child in the school a pack of crayons… And we asked our blog readers for help… We had no idea that we would have such an incredible response and that our readers would send us a trailer of school materials for the kids in Lesotho…


Also, we didn’t realise that our idea of school in rural Lesotho with a few school resources was actually almost no school resources… A concrete floor in a place where it snows for a large portion of the year and no pencils, or notebooks let alone the luxury of books to read…


But we made friends for life with lots of lovely school kids all able to read and eager to learn and we knew we had to do more…


In February this year, on International Book Giving Day we settled on a project to bring a library to the school in Lesotho. We asked our readers to send a book or two to Lesotho and so build up a library for the kids there. Just one book at a time. Once we got over the initial problems of discovering that it was impossible to ship anything into the heart of Lesotho and we had figured out a way to post our books to a nearby town in South Africa and then on into Lesotho it was literally a free for all… I had no idea how brilliant the response would be, literally hundreds of books flowed across the world from every corner of the globe: Alaska, China, India, Australia, the USA, the UK… and of course South Africa. Where we had hoped to surprise them with a couple of books we literally did send them a library. The response was phenomenal… these are some photographs of books set off to Lesotho for our readers… and the books just kept on piling up!!!

Books for the Lesotho Library

Image 1Image 2ImageImage 3Image 2

Finally after all this time we have photographs to show you of the library our blog readers built for the little school in Lesotho…

Piles of books…

Image 4

Eager Readers…
Image 3


And shelves being built…
Image 1

Quite incredible really that our readers have built a library for a school in Lesotho… Book by Book!!! Thank you all for helping and sending books… really you have opened up the world for those children…

When we wrote about our village school in Lesotho last year we mentioned that it would be nearly impossible for a few of the children there to pay their school fees and that school for most of them were simply out of reach. Most of the children in this school are orphans, as a result of the HIV/Aids pandemic, they rely on a school feeding scheme that provides them with a meal once a day on weekdays for their survival. A number of our readers wanted to know more about sponsoring a child in Lesotho, perhaps building a relationship with a child and exchanging letters or even a once off donation. This week I will be gathering all the information you will need into one place and if you would like to help a Lesotho child with school fees then please feel free to leave a comment or contact us and I will get back to you next weekend.

Meanwhile thank-you for listening and most of all thank-you to all our blog-readers for helping to build a library book by book. If you would still like to send a book or if you have an item or two of new or hardly worn clothing, remember that Lesotho is on top of a mountain range and a very cold place to live… then please feel free to leave a comment or contact us and we will make sure that you can make a difference.

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