Se7en Lunch Box Ideas for a Diabetic Husband.

Since we homeschool I only have to think about lunch for my husband and I am often faced with the dilemma…

What on Earth to Send for Lunch? What on Earth do I Put in the Lunchbox that is Exciting and Interesting and Worthy of Munching?!?!?!

He is diabetic so he needs heaps of small snacks just to keep himself vertical throughout the day and a little extra in case an emergency arises and he needs to stay even longer at the office… Some things he gets everyday, because he likes them and he is a man of habit. Other things have to be a bit more innovative so that he doesn’t die of boredom…

I challenged myself to publish se7en honest lunch ideas, this is what he had se7en days in a row, no additions or omissions – hard truth… definitely some lunches are better than others!

On Monday he ate through… A green salad with yummy goats cheese (olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing on the side); nuts and raisins and some cracker bread with margarine.

On Tuesday he ate through… Fruit salad with citrus, apple, banana, paw paw and lemon juice to keep it crisp; a jam and cheese sandwich (I put the top on the sandwich after the photo); cracker bread with margarine; nuts and raisins.

On Wednesday he ate through… Fruit salad again(!); some spaghetti and meat sauce with heaps of parmesan; fruit yogurt and cracker bread with margarine.

On Thursday he ate through… Cracker bread with margarine; green salad with goats cheese and dressing on the side; left over (sausage) from the night before and nuts and raisins.

On Friday he ate through… Fruit salad; a small chicken salad with mixed lettuce and tomatoes; some cheese and salami; and some milk tart (this recipe is coming!!!).

And on Saturday he came home and collapsed…
And on Sunday he had a nap, so that he was ready to face the next week!

On Monday he ate through… Fruit salad; cheese and salami; spaghetti and meat sauce and parmesan; cracker bread with margarine and nuts.

On Tuesday he ate through… Green salad with feta, bacon bits and dressing on the side; grated cheese; raisins and cracker bread with margarine.

And so on and so on…

He never complained of a stomach ache, he never said he wasn’t hungry anymore; and he never made a cocoon and he NEVER became a beautiful butterfly and so he can’t have been a very hungry caterpillar!!!

Thanks to Eric Carle and his wonderful art and brilliant website, with lots of ideas, not to mention:

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  1. This was beautiful, I was looking for ideas for everyday lunch box to avoid spending on bought lunch everyday, it was simply a bonus becuase I am actually diabetic. Thanx great job!!!

  2. Hi L, glad you liked it… The easiest way to make lunch for my husband is to place an extra serving into a small lunchbox at suppertime. Then the next morning I just have to add lots of diabetic friendly snacks and I am done.

  3. Hi, 7
    I know you have a lot on your plate – so to speak!(and I wanted to comment on this earlier, but..)
    here goes.. My father is also a diabetic, so are almost all of his 14 siblings. It is horrible. He has to inject himself several times a day and has to keep snacking the whole time – not to speak of all the side effects. Reading was his ALLTIME PASSION but his eyes are simply too week now. I was resigned on me also being on the road to this – genetically speaking. However, a while ago (it’s actually a very long story – don’t want to bore you with it) I came upon a PROFOUND book that changed my outlook on this and acually made me feel more possitive – there is REAL hope! If you can bring yourself to it, please read THE CHINA STUDY, by Dr T Colin Campbell. Not everyone is ready for the information it holds and we are bombarded by some very misleading info on a daily basis. But I just thought.. I also attended a conference in Feb held by this amazing doctor – he is 77 years old.. Anyway – have a fantastic day. And.. I STILL don’t know how you do it!! Greetings. Anel

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