Home Truths: Se7en Haircuts…

We have this tradition that everyone has to wait until their third birthday for their first haircut, it is a big deal… it is a huge deal. They go on the actual day and get the chop… Its a great event: bells, whistles, streamers – you get the picture.

So here they come…

Hood #1: Was born with a crop of hair! This is his two day old picture – yes, smiling, happy, hairy (!) creature that he was!!!


And when he was two he looked like this.


and here he is: short and sharp.

Hood #2: Well he had long curls.

That got the chop.

And here he is.

Also, I thought I could leave hair-cuts to the father person, you know a guaranteed male bonding event for the next couple of years. And I thought I wouldn’t mind what haircut they had until Hood #1 came home with this – yup it is my sweet child (age 4)…

That’s when my heart stopped beating, literally – I stopped breathing. And the father person was no longer responsible for hairy outings.

Hood #3: Finally a daughter and she had NO hair, not a strand even by her third birthday she had nearly no hair to chop.

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the pampering. Not to mention she now has a head of curly locks!

Hood #4: Long blonde locks, he was born with highlights, possibly the hardest to cut.

But off it went.

And look how cute the cut looked!

Hood #5: Well did he want this cut or what!

And he got it!

And his cheeks reappeared!

Hood #6: Just turned 2 – no where near the 3 year old chop event. My first child, and I have had to wait for this, to have long plattable, tie-upable hair, you know hair you can put little clips in and all sorts of pretty little goody gats. But loves a trip to the hairdresser like any girl should.

Only she loved it so much and this past Saturday she was very quiet for an extended period of time and her hair met up with well the chop…

So I picked up my heart that fell to the floor, yes it is a heart issue. I gathered her up and dashed to the hairdresser for repairs… she did the best we could… but lets just say we are going to be squiff for a while… gasp, shudder – who is this child in my house…

It’s all gone… sob, gasp, breathe.

Luckily Hood #7: is nowhere near the chop – oh thats right she is another girl child with nearly no hair!

3 Replies to “Home Truths: Se7en Haircuts…”

  1. Wet Saturday morning, lots of admin catch-up to do. Hmm let’s see how I can procrastinate for a while – oh let’s see what the Hoods have been up to… what a chuckle!! What reactions from the other Hoods? Mother-person: see I have registered AT LAST.

  2. Wet Saturday morning, the washer has almost died and I am procrastinating myself! There was a deeply shocked reaction from the other Hoods, no one else could imagine doing something so very wicked!!!

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