Saturday Spot: Mudlarking…

Technically this isn’t our spot… we have these wonderful friends that live in the country side, and remarkably don’t seem to mind us (all of us) coming over to stay for a couple of days – every so often…

They live in the country.

There are a few beasts roaming around.

But the main purpose and goal of this extremely exciting event is to mudlark (Yes that is a real word!!!).

Initially, our forays were just digging (this looks remarkably, well box shaped!!!) and building dam walls.

Little googley eyed beasties were discovered.

Some were more in command than others.

Some of us live to the beat of a, well a different drum – did I say different drum.

Some were more interested in chasing ducks and jumping.

Some had to dash off for food supplies.

Some took control of cleaning operations.

Some could do it all themselves…

And didn’t do a bad job.

Ah! Memory Construction!!!

And mud lark skills have improved significantly.

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