Kids Cooking… Review

Firstly it has to be said: I love Usborne Books – always have, always will – I was born loving them. All their books in the range of Little Books are quite literally worth dying for.

Well here comes a double bonus, you may have noticed a predilection towards cook books, specifically kids cook books on this site. Well here is a little kids cook book from Usborne Books – Oh! How heavenly.

usborne little cookbook.jpg

Here we go – a cook book for kids, with real food recipes in it, healthy meals that they love because they chose them and because they come from their very cute cook book!!! I have a feeling some of these recipes may not have stood the short person taste test… but considering their origin – not from me, but from the book! they were gobbled up with glee.

These are the recipes that we have conquered (get those tummies rumbling first thing on a Monday Morning).

Couscous Salad – yum;
Spanish Omelette – yum, yum;
Tomato Salsa – yum, yum, yum;
Vegetable Risotto – yum. yum, yum, yum;
Vegetable Crumble – yum, yum, yum, yum, yum;
One-Pot Chicken Casserole – (I use this recipe a lot, especially for visitors,when I need something a bit more than pizza);

Moving on…

Mini-Meringue Nests;
Raspberry Profiteroles (My kids can never resist these in any cook book!);

I left Hood #1 and Hood #2 alone with this book and they did a fine job, I was secretly thrilled that they didn’t go straight for the desserts but they actually made meals.

Hood #1 produced a very fine Bacon and Onion Quiche:

Hood #2 managed a really good Creamy Chicken Curry:

And finally Hood #1 can never resist strawberry shortcake – and I mean never… he saw this photo and went the distance with the recipe from this book – it took a while, it was quite a lot of work (!) but with the goal clearly in sight he made it:

2 Replies to “Kids Cooking… Review”

  1. Hi there

    My name’s Rebecca, and I wrote the Usborne Little Children’s Cookbook. Someone at work spotted your review and pointed out the link to your website and blog, so I had to have a look to see how you’ve all got on with the recipes!

    Just a quick message to say that I am thrilled to bits that you love the book and have been getting so much fun out of cooking (and eating) the recipes. I’m so impressed that Hood 1 and Hood 2 have done so well – everything you’ve made looks fantastic. I’m starving right now (it’s nearly lunchtime) and would happily tuck into the chicken curry and the amazing strawberry shortcake snakes if they were in front of me!

    Hope you keep enjoying Usborne books as much as I always have (I had the first ones when I was little)…

    Best wishes,
    Rebecca Gilpin

  2. Oh my goodness, Hi Rebecca, I am the happiest blogger on this earth today. A real live Usborne author commenting on our blog. Fabulous!!! My parents used to get me an Usborne Book every birthday and Christmas and I have always wanted to do something for Usborne Books in return. Finally I can blog reviews and say how marvelous they are! We love your book. Really I am a bit obsessed with my kids mastering the art of cooking – real food, not just jelly and cupcakes! I really cannot believe you have stopped by I am full of admiration for anyone that can put such a great piece of work together. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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