The Week That Was… 9…

So this is how it began.

With a bit of a flood.

And in times of huge stress, some of us resort to tea.

And others read a few books.

Others thought it was a good idea to plan the weeks menu, before anyone else had actually surfaced.

And then decided since no one was with him on this project he would go it alone.

Some vegi’s arrived to inspire the short chef.

Others thought they would draw pizza and be done.

One of us was struck down by malaise and spent the morning in a hammock but recovered fully to be a cowboy by lunchtime (we are so done with pirates!).

One of us discovered how supportive the laundry basket can be.

Some engineering was done.

Some card playing.

Hood #1: Started a huge craze… and we are littered with little rocklets.

Even including a cable car…

And it even came with instructions!

How To Train Your Pet Rock

· To teach it to sit, say ‘Sit’, and if it gets it right, stroke it gently. Repeat.
· To teach it to stay, say ‘Stay’, and feed it a treat.[Teeny Tiny Acorn Included.]
· To walk it, put on its leash, and start walking. It will follow.
· To feed it, put it’s food in front of it. It will eat it all. Save leftovers.
· To put it to sleep, give it its blanket [Included], and it will sleep.
· To wake it up, gently stroke it. It will slowly awake.
Congratulations! Your pet is fully trained!

Our highlight of the week was that we were featured on The Crafty Crow – we were so excited that we had to have another craft frenzy. So we whipped up some wild things to pop into our Tuesday arty post:

Some couldn’t take the pace!

And others had to stop, take a breathe and listen to Julia Donaldson in action, who has a fabulous fun website for her little protege: The Gruffalo, with lots of activities.

Now to the nitty gritty… the cause of the flood and endless muddy tea parties: well if you read all the way down The Week That Wasn’t… you would have found a home truth that revealed an issue we have with our washer!!! So after five days of drowning in soapy flood waters, a washer technician arrived and in three seconds flat he had… well a cause of trouble: the pump was blocked… Now I have a carefully selected a vague spacey look on my face – knowing that there is something hideous on its way… but I have se7en bouncing little people next to me saying: What is it? What is it?… well you may also have read a recent Home Truths: Se7en Haircuts… Now you know we have an issue with stuff in washers… and just lately an issue with scissors… So half a pair of scissors was the cause of all our troubles. There you go – honesty blog! No I didn’t photograph it: I couldn’t say to the guy: please hang on before you throw that out … I need a photograph of it so that I can blog it… Oh no… I was far to busy rising above the general clatter and appearing nonchalant!

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