Saturday Spot: The Splash Room…

So this was it… no the photo is not to show the cute kids with yellow hats… it is to demonstrate the state of our bathroom when we moved in…

The tiles were dabbed on the wall with cold glue – ummm cold glue gets wet and then it doesn’t stick so well and the tiles were literally dropping off the walls… in fact the very day we moved in – after the very first bath, the water went down the plug hole – glug, glug, all over the floor!!! Umm plumbing wasn’t a big event on the previous owners agenda… so we lived with it as long as we could and then we did this…

And we put in a bath big enough for se7en!!! Wonderful. When the bath arrived it came on a delivery truck, with a heap of other goodies for other homes in our area. Picture this: truck arrives and a huge bath is taken off and I felt a bit ill: How would I explain to the father person that the bath we had chosen in the warehouse was never going to fit into our house, let alone the bathroom… Actually that bath/swimming pool was for someone else and they took this tiny little bath off the truck and brought it into our house. But once it was in the house and not lying next to the massive bath on the truck – it looked massive enough for us!

This bath has done its time and served as the perfect spot for that first bath for each of the little hoods and me, right after they were born.

And much as I loved the old wash basin, we had to replace it with a new one – still served the same purpose!

And I love the long mirror we found in a second hand store and kept for ages until we had just the right room for it.

Anyway, I love colorful towels everything in our house is color coded – everything! Just so I know who didn’t hang their towel up!

And after years of training my children are deprived of all bath toys that can pour – seriously I can not do mass flooding at the end of the day. I don’t mind so much during the day and when it happens in the inside/outside room or round the pool. So they are not totally deprived of waterplay!!!

And since I found this wonderful colorful colander we keep the toys in their so they don’t get moldy and smoldy!!!

That’s it. Another colorful spot around our home.

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  1. Wow Marcia, now that is a post from way back!!! And yes you would love that colander… I think it was from Mr. Price. Thanks for stopping by again and again!!!

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