Owl Books – Post 2: Pet Rocks.

The Latest Craze:

These have taken over our house and can be found guarding the entrance way, hidden under beds, lurking on book shelves and so on…


Big or small: we make them all.

Here’s how: you need some river stones, some white-out and a black permanent marker.


Then your rock needs: A bed, a blanket, a leash and some food (1 tiny acorn and a bead!).


And training:

· To teach it to sit, say ‘Sit’, and if it gets it right, stroke it gently. Repeat.
· To teach it to stay, say ‘Stay’, and feed it a treat.[Teeny Tiny Acorn Included.]
· To walk it, put on its leash, and start walking. It will follow.
· To feed it, put it’s food in front of it. It will eat it all. Save leftovers.
· To put it to sleep, give it its blanket [Included], and it will sleep.
· To wake it up, gently stroke it. It will slowly awake.
Congratulations! Your pet is fully trained!

And adoption papers:

Not to mention accommodation:



And packaging: Since they make the perfect gift.

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