A Bear Hunt Board Game…

We are going on a bear hunt is one of our all time favorite books:

We love the rhythm and spirit of this book and instead of being scared about the bear my kids are always terribly sad at the end when they see this poor lonely bear trudge back to his cave. It must be so sad to be so lonely.

Anyway if you need to see a video of Michael Rosen reading his own book and you do, then you have come to the right place.

Other online resources are games, and printables. And this takes a while to download but is well worth it, it is full of lovely art project ideas and Bear Hunt games.

We often have Bear Hunt marches… through swishy swashy grass and splashy sploshy rivers… and squelch squerch mud and stumble trip trees, not so much hoo woo snow, but certainly hiding under duvet’s.

So let’s go on a bear hunt together:

  • We’ll start with The Swishy Swashy Long Grass:

    We dotted a red crayon on the paper, for poppies, and then using the edge of cardboard and thick paint we made strips of grass on the paper.


  • Then we moved on through The Splashy Sploshy River:
  • We used white crayons to make bubbles and painted over with watercolors and sprinkled them with salt to make them look even splashier and sploshier…


  • And then Squelch Squerch Through the Mud:

    We used brown pastels and corked thick brown muddy paint onto our paper, it didn’t look muddy enough so we sprinkled chilly flakes (they were close at hand!) on top.


  • And Stumble Trip Through the Trees:

    Here we did some leaf rubbings with bright crayons to look like miniature trees and painted dark green over them to make them forest-like.

  • And Hoo Woo Through the Snow:We used cotton wool to dot pale blue paint onto the paper and then sprinkled glitter – of course! – What’s an art project without glitter…

  • And you reach The Cave:

    And roar home as fast as you can to hide under The Quilt. So we took our squares of grass; our raging river; muddy mud; stumbly forest and snow…


    And made a quilt… notice a bear hiding in the quilt… (I printed it from here.)


Now finally we can play the game: and this kept a couple of Hoods busy all afternoon – on yet another rainy afternoon. We hid the bear under the quilt. And then we took turns turning over the quilt pieces until someone found the bear …


Victory, Replay!!!

12 Replies to “A Bear Hunt Board Game…”

  1. Hi there. Trying to buy this book, seems out of stock most places. Where is the cave and the trees – they look awesome.

  2. Hi Tammy… get this book!
    The cave is at the scratch patch in Simonstown.
    The trees are near the paddle river in Kirstenbosch.

    local really is lekker!

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