A Tisket A Tasket: Week Four…

So here we are week four… and I feel like I did at the start, sort of will this never end? Aha – this must be the despair of the home straight… I think I have to give this project se7en weeks and give it all I’ve got for the next three weeks. And then I will need to set up a maintenance plan – I had one, but clearly it wasn’t sufficient.

Anyway, if you want to get up to speed on this project I introduced it in the post: A Tisket a Tasket… What’s in My Basket… And project progress was reported here:

So we were away this past week mudlarking. Clearly my Tisking and Tasking had to happen outside of the home – in a portable kind of a manner…

I was inspired by this fantastic article at I’m an Organizing Junkie, with her tips from the Organising Queen. Well my goodness I have never ever done any decluttering on my computer – ever!!! It never even occurred to me! My goodness do I have a lot of decluttering to do…

So there were a lot of tisket’s – don’t die laughing… it really never occurred to me to do this before!!!

OK before we left:

Tisk #1: I found a couple more duplicate books and popped them into the to go books box.

    Task #1:Fixed a couple of broken books, rather than the mass I had to repair last week.

Tisk #2: I tossed a whole lot of ancient towels that were not even worthy of rags that had somehow found there way into the electrical cable box.

    Task #2: Then I sorted all the wires and plugs back into the box.

And away we went… on the journey:

Tisk #3: I started with my cellphone 2300 sms’s were deleted!

    Task #3: Started decluttering the address book, like who are half of these people anyway. Who is Shelly? Who is Tim? and why on earth do I have their phone numbers?

Tisk #4: I had about 3700 emails just in my inbox – forget about in my filtered boxes. I started on my inbox and deleted 500 emails without blinking… then I started to feel somewhat overwhelmed (no kidding!) and decided I would delete 200 a day until they were down to a reasonable level.

    Task #4: Everytime I get an electronic newsletter this week I am unsubscribing from it, until they are all gone, gone, gone – unless I love them, but actually I read blogs and these I subscribed to before I was a blog reader.

Tisk #5: So I started on my newsreader… and dropped 480 RSS feeds… I am down to a mere 100. That’s my limit if I want to subscribe to another one I will have to unsubscribe to another one.

    Task #5: With such a few feeds in it a lot of my folders were irrelevant so I had to do a bit of a spring clean within the old news feeder.

Tisk #6: I started unsubscribing to podcasts that I don’t absolutely love, why in the world would I want to waste my ear-space on people I don’t desperately want to. So from sixty-se7en I am down to fifteen that I really want to hear and I will have to discard if I want to subscribe to others. That’s my limit.

    Task #6: Well my itunes needed some serious attention. I needed to sort my music into the right folders, from just downloaded to an actual folder.

Tisk #7: We got back from holiday and whipped through all the kids drawers before I packed any clothes back to check that there were absolutely no things that needed Tisking – guess what there were quite a few Tisks – heaps of too small socks, which means it is probably time for a shoe shop as well – aaaagggg. Just imagine shopping for shoes en masse, while you pay attention and measure one there are six others on the loose and while you buckle or lace another anything can happen – pause that thought it is almost summer and the need for shoes is not that strong!

    Task #7: Well this is about half of Task #7… and what happens when a family of nine go on holiday and can’t do any laundry. (This is exactly why I do a load of laundry every day.) Needless to say, I have laid it all on the supper table in order to force myself into it before the end of the day… Indeed I should dash.


Otherwise refreshing as my computer feels – so decluttered what! As with all decluttering it is a veritable can of worms – this week I will have to look at bookmarks and what about the thousands and thousands of photographs… too terrifying to think about.

Otherwise somebody tell me – one can eventually get through this stuff and down to just maintenance organizing. To all those people that think I am so organized – shame on you!

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