Sunday Snippet: Pancakes or Waffles…

I love these Backpack Missions, they are short and sweet object lessons. Simple things you have lying around your home that you pop in a backpack and whip out in front of your class to demonstrate a Bible Truth regarding the great commission and spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

I did these lessons with a bunch of kids, we worked through them systematically week by week. The favorite snippet that out did all others was Waffles vs Pancakes.


Just as different people respond to the gospel in different ways so people can share the Gospel in different ways.

  • Pancakes: When you pour syrup over pancakes it spreads over the top and drips down the sides. In the same way you can spread the Gospel over a number of people in a massive way – for instance at a rally.
  • Waffles: When you drip syrup over waffles it seeps into the dimples. Similarly, when you go along side someone and you become friends with them to share the Gospel you are being like the syrup on a waffle as you seep into their lives.

To help them remember this lesson I showed two movies: one for pancakes and one for waffles a year later they remember this lesson vividly.

Clearly both waffles and pancakes get the syrup! Next time you munch on pancakes or waffles pray for missionaries around the world who are spreading the Gospel in a syrupy way!!!

Really these lessons are brilliantly done and presented. Anyone who wants to teach kids about missions should make use of them. All credit to the North American Mission Board.

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