Saturday Spot: Sostanza

This isn’t technically home – but it is close enough! It is our favorite breakfast spot.



  • Firstly, they are friendly – towards kids – gotta love the chef!


  • Secondly, they have a huge table inside for when its cold and they have another one outside for summertime – so we don’t have to rearrange the restaurant to sit together.



  • Thirdly, their food is fabulous – they know our order!!! They have the most brilliant custard croissants!!! As soon as we walk in the door they get them going! The father person always has an omelette and I always have a bacon, brie and banana croissant – always! 



We don’t mind waiting, it’s going to be great.



There’s a whole lot of munching.



Some of us are totally absorbed.




Some of us enjoy a good espresso.




It doesn’t get much better than this!




So if you are passing the Old Bakery in Lakeside and you need a good coffee, then this is the place to stop and visit.

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