A Tisket A Tasket: Week 5

On we go… Week 5 and still Tisking and Tasking. I am finally staring to notice a difference – it took this long! I am not constantly wading through layers of junk to get to anything, there is a definite thinning in the layers of stuff.

Here’s a quick introduction to the project and a recap on the past few weeks of tossing and clearing out in our house: A Tisket a Tasket… What’s in My Basket… And project progress was reported here:

Tisk #1: So last week we were away and I started working on decluttering my computer – my goodness, I was totally overwhelmed… but we will overcome!!! So this week I persevered… I have deleted 1500 emails (I am about half way through this tisk!), unsubscribed to about 80 email newsletters – which makes me feel a bit lonely since I no longer have a large number of emails entering my inbox at specific times every day – I guess this is cold turkey!

    Task #1: As tasks go – I finished last weeks tisket/tasket post with a pile of post holiday laundry. And so my first task this week was to get that done. Did it… What I didn’t count on was a week of tummy bug and laundry like that every day!


Tisk #2: Reduced my news feeds to 100 and have been really strict about deleting those I haven’t read by the end of the day. Reduced my podcasts to 15 subscriptions and then deleted actual podcasts down to 200 from 1200… the number of podcasts were so overwhelming that I had stopped listening to them all together. Now I only keep the ones I really want to listen to and will probably have most of those listened to or deleted by the weekend, and then have a reasonable number to listen to each week.

    Task #2:Let’s start small… replace lightbulbs into all the popped ones – it is okay to leave one or two but it actually needs a bit of maintenance. While the focus was on lights it didn’t take long to do a march around the house with a damp soapy cloth and wipe all the switch plates – aaahhh I love when something that never gets cleaned actually gets cleaned.

Tisk #3: Went through The Father Person’s clothes and Tisked severely – Just how many gym t-shirts does a man who dashes in and out of gym twice a month need!

    Task #3: The Father Person cleaned the pool out… amazing! It really needed some attention – Thank you!!!

Tisk #4: Tisked all The Father Person’s old business cards – why on earth were they lying around for so long.

    Task #4: Fixed the remote control on the front gate – yay… no more running up and down to the gate in the rain.

Tisk #5: Boxes. Boxes. Boxes. There seems to be an issue in the male line of our family, never throw out a box. Any box. I could elaborate, but I don’t seem to have the same obsession with boxes. I went through the house and threw out all the absolute duds and sifted out the essential to keep and those that could go either way – turfed those out too!

    Task #5: Repaired a hand-ful of books – not a mountain – aha this is all about maintenance.

Tisk #6: Reduced the number of old varsity text books by half again – fantastic! this freed up a whole shelf in the lounge.

    Task #6: Reshuffled bookshelves and never leave a gap it will get filled, so sorted books and made a shelf for library books. Baskets for books behind the couch weren’t working anymore as more kids can read so our couch suffers in the daily dive!

Tisk #7: I keep box full of all the kids paints: fabric, acrylics, powdered and so on just outside the front door – well tisked a whole heap of grotty old dried up revolting paints. There is another box next to it fill of stuff just in case we need them for a project – right will we really need forty bazillion egg cartons or yogurt tubs – well no – and out they go.

    Task #7: And for the first time ever… ever in my entire married life!!! The Father Person led the charge and washed the car – it was extremely filthy after a week of mudlarking. It has always been my task before and I just haven’t gotten to it in months – I don’t know why but my hands seem quite busy with little kids at the moment… aha four under five, no se7en under eleven (just).


And I am so getting the message here: it is all about maintenance. Because of this great discovery I am looking forward to the last two weeks of this project…

I have a few little corners left that gather clutter – but it is definitely corners and not the whole house! I am going to make a list and march through it. As for my computor all the time that was spent reading newsletters I must now spend ordering and getting that poor burdened box back in order!!!

Now I always knew that I needed to do a little bit everyday but I have realized that actually I need to be more consistent and do a little bit more than just a little bit everyday!

So extra special thanks to The Father Person for all his help with this project this week, while I was busy attending to little sick creatures.

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  1. How I miss all of you. Truly brilliant…I am much impressed by all the tisking and tasking. I always knew you could do anything. I’m especially proud of you for the yogurt containers, egg cartons,etc. Those can be precious items, but the nice thing is that every week you have more!
    Love to all my darlings, Aunty Kathy

  2. How fantastic that you joined our blog – I am so thrilled to see you here and can’t wait to tell the kids when they wake up in the morning!

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