A Fabulous Feast…

So The Celebrity Chef had a fourth birthday celebration and we needed to whip up a Party Project… right there, right then.


So along with his Lemon Party Theme: The Lemon Meringue Pie and The Lemonade we prepared a quick feast with all the elements of a great party craft for little people. Drawing on big sheets of paper, painting and gluing – lovely and zero preparation…

Meet the players:

We used big sheets of paper, wax crayons, watercolors, watered down white glue and old magazines – really simple, really easy.

Let’s Play the Game:

So we started out with some paper and crayons and everyone drew an outline of their idea of a feast…

Draw, Draw, Draw…


Then out came the watercolors to embellish the crayons somewhat and for a bit of magic for the little ones that are always astonished when the crayon shines through… especially if you let them draw a few invisible things with a white crayon.

Paint, Paint, Paint…



Then we stopped for some lemon meringue pie, and to let the paint dry.

Munch, Munch, Munch…


And while they were busy the mother people quickly cut out some little foody pictures from magazines.


By the time they finished munching the paint was dry and the foody pictures were ready.

Glue, Glue, Glue.


And we were Done, Done, Done.


And if you need a Party Game to go with that, well New York Lemonade is the perfect game, with running and chasing and catching and fun…

There you go a Lemon Party. Have Fun.

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