Sunday Snippet: Family Bible Quiz Fun…

If your family, like mine, enjoys Bible Quizzes then you will like this site: Bible Trivia Quiz. It is packed with quizzes on every possible Bible topic.

You can play online as a test. And your score will compared to scores of people who have played before you.

We use them as conversation starters at the supper table; Sometimes I just print one out and pop it on the fridge and before you know it the answers get filled in; Sometimes I pop one in with a hood’s school bible study for the week if it fits the theme.

Each quiz has 10 questions, varying in difficulty. There are a whole heap of categories, and in each category there are a whole heap of quiz topics.

Here are Se7en examples: Each category is in bold, followed by the specific quiz topic and finally the sample question follows…

These are great, they encourage wild Bible scavenger hunts and improve Bible general knowledge all in the name of good fun – Lovely.

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