Sunday Snippet: God and Me – A Review.

My little kids absolutely love this book:


This is a page a day devotional for little kids. There is a short thought for the day, a Bible verse and a little prayer. To be honest most devotionals start off great in January and them slowly fizzle as the months wear on… this one didn’t.

Se7en reasons why my little kids love this book…

  • It is big and fat and feels to them like a Bible book should.
  • It is bright and colorful and can be paged through over and over again.
  • It is packed with the most beautiful and engaging photographs. The kids in the photos are doing things my kids like to do, so they recognize something of themselves in it.
  • It is aimed at them, most devotionals that are aimed at small children are silly, this one doesn’t talk down to them. They are sweet and topical.
  • The topics are totally relevant to them. Birthday parties, dressing up, what’s for breakfast?, caring for pets, little friends, grumpy moods!
  • It opens up conversations about God and Spiritual things, little kids love talking about God but often we don’t know where to start.
  • The sitting still and listening is minimal, the entries are very short and they are still examining the photograph of the day long after the story is over.


Se7en reasons why I love this book…

  • I love it because it didn’t fizzle out as time went by…
  • I love it because it is short and sweet, so even when we are running late we can squeeze it in.
  • I love it because it is more than just a collection of blessed little thoughts.
  • I love it because my kids assume reading the Bible and praying are part of the bedtime routine… a good habit for life.
  • I love the bright fun presentation and the photographs – I also want to know more about these beautiful and engaging children.
  • A love it because it gives them ideas for prayers that are meaningful as apposed to “Thank you God for my nice day. Amen.”
  • I love it because my kids love it and it encourages all of us to focus more on Godly things in a very unfocused world.


We recommend this book if you are looking for a devotional to do with your little children. I recommend this as a gift to a special niece or nephew. I have often given this book as a gift to families as a Christmas Present. This is a gift that lasts beyond the unwrapping, in fact it will last all year.

Happy Reading!

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