Saturday Spot: The Beach…

We live right next to it, for practical purposes. Actually we have to walk two minutes to get to it… Down our road, across the main road, down another road, across the very interesting train crossing and you are there… literally two minutes. Perfect, we can sneak down before the summer crowds arrive in the morning.

This is the bay from above our house. They have an Open Water swimming race across the bay, the Fish Hoek Mile, every year. I used to train avidly and compete before kids. They have one of the best lifesaving clubs in the world. Your kids can join from teeny tiny tots as Nippers and continue a long and illustrious career.


And they have a webcam so you can check out if it is too windy or crowded before you walk the two minutes down the road to check. This is the view from across the bay, with a few whales thrown in for good luck. And yes you can just see our house!


This is the view from sea towards the beach…


The perfect place for kids… miles and miles of diggable sand.




Great for toddlers, totally safe.




Great for running free.




Great for evening suppers.



Great for lazy walks and exploring rock pools.



Great for boat watching, and you can even see the local fisherman haul their catch out onto the beach.


There is a restaurant where you can order hot chips for supper on the beach or ice creams. You can order breakfast and all sorts of things.

Let’s just look at the view from off the beach again.


And lets just have a look at our kids swimming at home in the pool.


A Pool, unnecessary luxury, you might say…

But I think not!


I cannot claim responsibility for this last photo, I got it via email from a friend of a friend – it has being doing the rounds this week! But to whoever took it – I acknowledge you – thanks for a great picture and for the reason that in all the photos of my kids at the beach not a single one of them is a photo of them swimming!!! Not to mention why all summer long our house rocks and sways to the gentle rhythm of the shark warning siren.

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