Saturday Spot: Tin Can Alley.

Now I would never call myself a collector… in fact I hate the idea…

I can just see:

Lucy: Collector means a gathering of all that stuff…

Charlie Brown (looking greyly at some treasure): Collector means preserving artifacts.

I am so with Lucy on this. I am definitely not a collector – I hate stuff… it is a burden that takes us away from what we would rather be doing, while we maintain it.

Also, if you say you collect something – which I don’t – you could end up with some hideous gifts that will have to stay because firstly they were gifts and secondly they are part of the collection. So I am not a collector… not at all… I collect nothing.

I lie I collect kids! But not stuff – I am not a collector.

I just thought I would show you what gets added to our kids supper two or three nights a week: beans, I know… but they come in a can… notice the can folks…


So handy for storage and they come in all shapes and sizes, hmmm tin cans.


Look at this one, isn’t it fun!


Have a look at the top of our kitchen cupboards – I store things here – I am not a collector. I have gathered these over the years as I find them on special at the supermarket. They contain what they say they do. Rice in the rice, sugar in the sugar, oats in the oats and so on. They really are storage.



Well on the recent Tisket/Tasket Series… where we went through every cupboard and drawer and shelf in the house discarding all things unnecessary… and mended a couple of things… look where I keep the sewing things:


Also, I found a couple of things I felt compelled to keep. Pencil Tins.


This one I used all the way through my undergraduate time at varsity:


And this was postgraduate, which was very dry – I needed all the fun I could get!


Notice these are untouched since the day I graduated – actual museum pieces!

Then I have this lunch tin… which is stuffed with almost every letter I have ever received from my dearest friends… most mail gets tossed, but these are for keeps! Even pen pal letters from my childhood.


But wait there are more: These are old cigarette tins. Yes smoking is hideous and lethal but look at the tins – aren’t they fantastic.


A pretty one, full of pretty things.


What about this very romantic one full of petals.


Hang on there are even more. A tin full of tins. These are from childhood – teeny tiny little ones, that contain teeny tiny little things!


To make it worse I know there are more lingering about our house. The kids each have a couple, the father person has a few – these are really just mine – aaaaah!

In fact this is just the tip of the proverbial ice-berg. But lets face it a post can only be so long and then enough! Not to mention I wouldn’t want you to think we collect anything!


Really, all I wanted to say is: tins… we don’t collect them at all! We just have an awful lot of them lying around the house – and aren’t they lovely.

14 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Tin Can Alley.”

  1. Hi S, You must be visiting us from Meet Me At Mikes – how exciting!!! Your music boxes are so pretty!!! If you like our tin cans in the kitchn you may like our kitchen to – you are welcome to visit!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. I love your collection!!!! 🙂

    I am also NOT a collector of notebooks – there are just an awful lot of them (beautifully organised) around my house.

  3. Marcia… So you don’t collect notebooks, like I don’t collect tin cans!!! Not at all!! Funny how us organized types can’t stand clutter, even if the clutter is something that brings us joy!!!

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