The Week That Was – 19…

We read some books.


And we had a favorite: We have been playing Jut-Aay (hide and seek) all week because of this lovely sing-song book.


We watched some fireworks – for the 5 November.


And we kept tabs on the neighbors.


Had some serious tractor races.


And played yet another serious school game:


The mother person surprised everyone by mopping the floor – I normally do this in the dead of night before I go to bed. I discovered the Se7en had no idea that the floor was ever mopped. Anyway, we had to have breakfast outdoors because the floors were wet.


Hood 1: Started yet another club!


And created some “zoob-a-saurs”


Hood 2: Read some books.


And did some school – really he did!


Hoods 2 and 3 did an engineering project of note.


He built a gadget kind of a thing and she repaired a cell phone!


Hood 3: Did some serious girl stuff: dancing and chattering…


And read some books.


Hoods 4 and 5 were thrilled to win gruffallo’s at the local book store – storytime – Oh what joy!!!


Hood 4: Invented the beast, that can run faster than a cheetah and creep slower than a sloth.


And he did a whole lot of zoobing,


Hood 5: Discovered brussels sprouts… a child after my own heart.


And read some books.


Hood 6: Was on some sort of trip of discovery and spent the week smashing lavender and rosemary in a natural pestle and mortar.


And she read some books.


Hood 7: Was played with till she just couldn’t laugh anymore.


And she gave up waiting for her mother to finish blogging.


Have a great weekend!

5 Replies to “The Week That Was – 19…”

  1. Hi there, I love to see the photos of all your books on the shelf. My husband is overseas (usa) for 5 days and I am desperately trying to buy some books on Amazon for him to bring home. Are there any books off the top of your head that would be good for 4 year olds? ummm…I have been through your booklists and am getting the Katie books for art, was considering DK Bughunter and Nature ranger – not sure if these are too old for them? I love the books you suggest, and have looked at the sonlight catalogue but not sure as the write ups are not very long. Longing for some pearls of wisdom…. Love Tammy.

  2. Hi Tammy – I realize the urgency of this question and I have a huge list of must haves in my head – I will get back to you by the end of today.

    Have a good day.

  3. Thanks so much, I am going to order today so even if it is a short list – I really appreciate it. Thanks, Tammy

  4. hey there – seems your blog is rubbing off on me unawares! your week that was style has crept into my blog – call it unconscious cribbing! it’s been pointed out to me twice now. oh dear! i do like the way you organise things and i hope to reorganise my categories into something less haphazard. I hope u do’t mind!

  5. Hi I am just so glad you know where your inspiration comes from!!! Good to know that I have enough readers to actually compare blogs! You all have a fun week!

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