Sunday Snippet: The Great George Muller.

This is the third time we are doing Grade 1 with Sonlight, and so it is the third time we are reading:


This is one of those books that I am so not allowed to read if anyone is out of the room. We absolutely love the story of George Muller, a family favorite!

George Muller lived from 1805 until 1898, although he was a German he spent most of life in Bristol. This man had a rough start in life, stealing and manipulating people for his own gain. As a young man he liked the good life and didn’t worry who he stepped on to get it, forfeiting friends and family in the process. Amazingly, he goes on to be a great man for God, living a life where he shared everything he owned and totally depended on God for his daily bread. He is most famous for setting up orphanages for homeless and destitute children in a time when their only other option in was the work house. This is the story of God’s provision – and a great lesson to all of us, that he provides abundantly and not just for our needs.


So here is a collection of Se7en George Muller Resources:

  • We usually start a biography study with Wikipedia – Who he was. When he was. Where he was.

  • You can’t beat the Glimpses for kids worship bulletins on a number of heroes: George Mueller, Orphanages Built by Prayer Part 1 and Part 2. These are great pages to print out for your kids – a short story, with snippets as well. There are also questions and links to word games.
  • Of course Christian Biography Resources has a page for George Muller and all the associated links. They also have short reviews and pictures of his wives, something that just adds an extra dimension to the story for Hood #3.
  • The George Muller Foundation has a great overview on the life of George Muller and what became of his legacy.
  • We first met George Muller in this book, which is a book to read to your children – it has a couple of Chapters per hero. Each Chapter has a comprehension and digging deeper type questions.


  • This book, by Irene Howat, is from the Lightkeepers series, which is a great series of easy chapter books for new readers. Each chapter covers a Christian Hero and is followed by a page with facts, a key point, something to think about and a prayer.


  • This book, is another book by Irene Howat. It is also an easy reader, from the Trailblazers series of first chapter books. Each book in the series covers a different famous Christian. Each chapter is divided into short sections – really nice for the child who would be daunted by a whole chapter at a time.


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