Mrs Armitage and Her Se7en Hundred Surfboards.

In the depths of summer and living in Cape Town… surfing has to come to mind. In fact I thought it was not possible to grow up in Cape Town without mastering the art of surfing – you know one of the world’s surfing mecca’s. But according to the father person, surfing will be over his dead body. It may have something to do with the prevalence of some Great White Beasties. And we have posted about these toothy friends before.

Needless to say our surfing will remain a crafty experience, which is where Mrs Armitage comes in. If you haven’t met her then now is a good time. Meet Mrs Armitage from Quentin Blake, one of our all time favorite picture book personalities. Not to mention her dog Breakspeare.



To surf you need one thing… a surf board, a costume and sunscreen and waves are all extras, the vital thing is a board. so we made some…

Here you go, this is what you are aiming for:


Meet the Players:

  • cardboard
  • crayons (to get the waxy effect of a surfboard)
  • inks or food coloring
  • acrylic paint (you need a paint that can stick to the wax crayon)

And Let’s Play the Game:

  • Cut It:


  • Wax It:



  • Ink it:



  • Splat it: When your boards have dried…

    You quickly need to learn a life skill: How to Make Little Footprints, all surfboards need a hang ten factor.

    • Use acrylic or paint that will stick to crayons down the side of your hands.
    • Make a fist and stamp it.
    • Take a finger of paint and dab little dots for toes.


  • Surf it:


  • Done It!

This was clearly a very popular craft, instead of our usual se7en items we seem to have about se7en hundred surfboards. Have Fun!

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