Se7en of the Best Activity Calendars for Kids…

New year. Fresh starts. New diaries and journals. Fresh calendars to go up…

I have just finished our 2009 calendars: the ones that I pop photo’s of the kids from the previous year into, and will give them to the relevant grannies and bestest friends tomorrow.

And since I am at it here are se7en calendar ideas – and a lovely surprise for the last one – trust me keep going to the end:

  • Let’s start with our weather tree – its a calendar that goes on the fridge at the beginning of the year. It is a tree with twelve branches (one for each month) and the number of days for each month… and as the days wind through the year: we color green for good weather and blue for rainy weather and you get a colorful tree that quite naturally follows the seasons. Here is ours ready and good to go:


    Here is one that is done, its a lousy photo taken from an ancient photo but it should give you the idea.


  • Crayola has a great activity calendar, which lists famous birthdays and special days. Click on the day and it will take you to the associated activities – coloring pages, printables, or crafty stuff.
  • Enchanted Learning have the same sort of thing, but it is more educational with printable, topical worksheets. Just click on the month you are after and away you go!
  • There are two great book and writing related calendars at Reading is Fundamental: One for beginner readers and one for slightly older readers.
  • Calendar station also has great activity calendars, with just a simple little activity to do every day: one for pre-schoolers and one for toddlers.
  • Teacher Vision have an activity calendar that I love. You can choose to have an online interactive one of these or a printable version. It is the one I print out and pin up – it is very appealing to all of us – there is always something new and interesting to read.To get to the on-line activities you need to be a member, which is a bit of a pain! But the printable one has been enough for us, since it is packed with interesting events and famous people and significant days…
  • And since there are only so many activities a mother person can be expected to achieve in a day the last little thing is not so much a calendar but a mini organizer that fits into your pocket from pocketmod – it is too darling and my kids have been printing many little notebooks from here…


    You pick and choose from a range of pages: a calendar, a shopping list, graph paper whatever and it prints eight tiny pages onto one sheet of printer paper. You fold it up following directions and you have a teeny tiny organizer that fits in your pocket. Lovely.

That’s it calendar’s galore – have a great and well-plotted 2009!!!

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