Se7en and the New Year Tree Party…

New Year for me is so not a big event… I know it feels like a fresh start and new calendars go up… but I feel like a whole fresh start every time I start a new moleskin – why wait until New Year.


And then we had kids and “Oh my goodness” there are a whole lot of exciting New Year things you can do with kids – so I had to think of ways we could have our own New Year Traditions that could continue the years we go out to friends or the years we stay home… the years we stay up late and watch movies and the years we collapse into bed after a day at the beach…

On New Years Eve we usually stay up till its dark so that we can watch fireworks on the beach, from our deck…


But we will definitely not have fireworks ourselves, not even one – well maybe sparklers – yes there will be sparklers!


So here we go: The New Year Tree

From our Clearly Christmas Posts you will know that the tree goes up at the latest possible moment. And you will know that I am a bit mad about Christmas Crafts – but when it comes to New Year I am into no maintenance traditions! The Sunday before Christmas…The tree goes up:


Awe and wonder!


Now I really hate clutter and lingering Christmas Trees leave me stone cold – it might perhaps be as a result of my aunt who never used to undo her tree before Easter – Helloooo, euch! So this is what the tree looks like when the hoods go to bed on New Year’s Eve…The tree comes down…


But wait – I have a surprise:


And this is what the tree looks like in the morning when they wake up…


It literally takes five minutes to jam crackers in the tree and so it doesn’t matter how late you get in… it can be done… and it is zero effort. And when everyone wakes up in the morning we have a bit of New Year madness.


There will be streamers:


There will be lumpy last minute pinata’s:


There will be confetti (inside the pinata’s):


There will be lollipops saved from our Godmother in America:


There will be face paints:


There will be fortune cookies:


There will be party hats:


There will be fun! The one day a year when the mother person turns a blind eye to mess! Well maybe just the one morning a year!!!

That’s it – Have fun! and Happy New Year…

27 Replies to “Se7en and the New Year Tree Party…”

  1. Oh, I love it! I’ve been saying to people that I need to make New Year’s exciting. I’ve lived in Jhb for 21 years and I still can’t get used to the very unexciting NY we have here. There is nothing like coastal New Year celebrations 🙂

  2. Oh Marcia, New Year is one of our favorite holidays – we have a lot of fun with this celebrations!!! Hope you have the best week!!!

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