Se7en Start a Book Nook…

Last week there were a few passing clouds in the sky and all my kids headed indoors as if winter had set in, we needed something to do and fast! And so was born The Book Nook:


We set up our tent, that normally goes outside in the corner of our kids room – tucked in next to the bookshelves, lined it with blankets and cushions… and then it very quickly became lined with children and books!


But we needed some control over where books were coming off the shelves and where they were going back… (or rather weren’t).


We gathered our paints and card and drawing essentials and made some big book cards. Painting things that reminded us of our favorite books.


And we painted and drew and splished and sploshed…


And we came up with big book cards:


And a couple of small book cards too:


And this is how a book card works:

  • If you want a book off the shelf then slide a book card into it’s spot.
  • When you are done with the book, you may redeem your card by returning the book.
  • DSC08198DSC08197DSC08194DSC08192DSC08190DSC08189

  • If you don’t return the book then you don’t get your card back.
  • If you don’t have a card then you cannot take a book – thus reducing us to fourteen books off the shelves at any time.
  • This has been especially handy for comics, we have boxes of comics and I like them in order (I know I have se7en kids and there is no order… but I try!), so if they only take out one comic at a time – they get to read and I get peace of mind.
  • DSC08200DSC08199DSC08201

  • At the end of the day all cards go back in the card pile (so all books get packed away)… and everyone may use one book card at bedtime – they have to use it wisely!

Now I think we need some book cards for the adult people in this house. Seriously, why haven’t I thought of this before?

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  1. Okay, I don’t know why you hadn’t thought of it before. . .but, I want to know if after a week this system is still working. If so, I’m going to implement it. (We’ve been using rulers, but it hasn’t been working.)

  2. Hi T, My big boys get Horrible Histories, and Horrible Science. My eldest daughter gets Felicity Wishes. And I have gathered up 100’s of Cricket Magazines from library sales – they all read them and the junior versions (Lady Bug and Spider) over and over again.

  3. what a great idea! my son is not old enough for it to work with him (he is 15 months old) but it might help ME to be more organized with our books! i am gonna make some cards today!

  4. Ok, great.. thanks, I have so many good memories of reading comics! I will try and find the Lady Bug and Spider ones at the library? Where else do you find these?
    Love, Tammy

  5. Hi bug, I really can’t believe it took me this long to think of it! It is working so well with the kids – hopefully the novelty won’t wear out too soon. I hope they work out just as well for you!

  6. yay!! I can comment without having to log in! ūüôā This is a GREAT idea! I love it. I think that I may just try it at home … except that it will require major follow thru from me. So, if I am being realistic, I think I need to get on top of a couple of other things first – like potty training and introducing solids and other such things that plague my dreams! ūüėČ Thanks again for a great (albeit intimidating at times!) blog ūüôā

  7. Hi there T, this has worked remarkably well for us and my kids are just loving having their own cards and it is a huge incentive to read quickly so that they can put their book away and put their card in somewhere else!

  8. Wow! I just stumbled upon your website from one pretty thing! I am a hs mom of 6 and I am so excited to find your site. I love the book card idea as we homeschoolers sure have a lot of books! I can’t wait to go see what else you have on your blog! Thanks!

  9. I’m new too! I love the book card idea…can’t wait until my little one is old enough to use it! and I really like the tent…did you make it? order it? repurpose it? I’d love to know when you have a moment! Thanks! I look forward to exploring your blog!

  10. Hi T, I can’t believe the book card idea is still working And it works for adults too!!! The tent, is actually a miniature outdoor kids/size gazebo. We got it at MrPrice, which is as close as South Africans get to Ikea (sob)!!!

  11. this is just a great idea. I love the tent idea too. ūüôā Now I have a good excuse to buy some sheers! Love your brilliant ideas. I nominated you for Lemonade Award, not sure if you got that or not.

  12. Hi dd – I popped over to your blog and love your photo’s! Sorry I never saw the lemonade award it went flying by straight to my spam – where I rarely take a peek (you can guess why!)… I will have to leave it to rest there until I can think of five favorite blogs to inflict it on! I am not a natural chain letter person and the thought of saying to my five favorite blogs: please think of five more seems a little, well imposing… that’s because I am in such awe of my five favorite blogs!!! So thank-you so much for nominating us and I will get onto the passing it on as soon as I can think of five new victims.

  13. Hi! Could you please tell me where you got this tent? I love that it’s bright and colorful…looking for something similar for a book nook in my classroom.

  14. Hi Merrin, Sorry for the very long delay in replying to your comment… I have to say I bought this tent about ten years ago… at a South African Store called Mr. Price… And I have no idea where in the world you are… but I would look for an Ikea or a toy shop to find something similar… really it is a children’s play tent but bigger than usual, so a grown-up could actually get in there and read a book too!!! Have a great weekend and I hope this helps…

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