The Week That Was – 33…

So finally, Valentines Day has arrived – Happy Valentines Day to you…


We had a hearty breakfast!


Candy treats from Granny and a dance party that not everyone appreciated!!!

DSC08548 DSC08578

And a gift for the father person se7en pairs of socks… I know sounds dull but when a man needs socks a man needs socks and he was thrilled!


And still there is no rain over Africa…


We’ve been lying like lizards in the sun.


We built a ship for sailing the Se7en seas:


We built a fort out of last years Sonlight boxes:


Someone had to provide the music:


There was a puzzle frenzy:


And heaps of stories with the Godmother person, before she made her way all the way back around the world and home to the far side of the ocean… sob!


Followed by a really cranky day while she was traveling home… epitomized by the knight slaying the princess, the dragon was reading a book and couldn’t help this time…


As for me: I am down to se7en drawers to go in my drawer a day challenge. Admittedly I have left the worst till last! (Who wouldn’t!!!) And I am wondering if I should just leave the junk drawer as it is… It is packed so tight that nothing more can go into it – perfect… If I clean it out it will become another place to dump stuff whereas now it has absorbed all it can and so serves it’s purpose well. The last time I had a big clean out I reduced the junk drawers round the house to one drawer – a major achievement and I am pondering wether to let sleeping drawers lie. So this project could well be finished before our school books arrive later this week!!! And if anyone in my house ever opens a drawer in our house again they have had it!!! I joke, I joke!!!

And as for my Virtual Book Pile, I have finally figured it out – It has taken all year to read just two books that were lingering on my shelf… and I promised myself I would wind my way through more… Well after battling my way through The Excellent Wife I have learnt my lesson… Some books are lingering on my shelves because I just don’t want to read them – and perhaps I should be posting on the twenty books I have read on either side of those books on my Virtual Book Pile and call this project a day. As for The Excellent Wife I found it totally disheartening – I am wracked with sin and really shouldn’t bother getting out of bed on any day!!! But if you are looking for the best relationship books ever I am going to blog about them in the next Sunday Snippet, its only appropriate on this Valentine weekend… Watch and Learn!!!!

What about a book of the week? If you like reading words like: Nonsense! Smonsense! or Hokum! Pokum! or Hooey! Phooey!…I could go on… and even if you don’t! (I have two little guys that could read this book every single bedtime with no worries.) Then this is the book for you:


Now onto the real stuff of the week:

Hood # 1 Has been on a lego binge of note: Lego, Lego, Lego.


Hood # 2 Is planning a trip. I didn’t ask about it – it may stop the great research moment.


Hood # 3 Painted another bookmark – A girl has needs!


And became my official carrot peeler!


Hood # 4 Got up to mischief with his sister.


And had a paper doll frenzy second to none… and if you are wondering what I look like – only very occasionally will you see a picture of me so you had better appreciate this portrait of the mother person.


Hood # 5 Has been preparing the Monday Munchie in advance.


Hood # 6 Was typically two and played in every game with every person and didn’t take even a moment off… well maybe a moment to have a twirl while waiting for supper!


Hood # 7 And talking of carrots, someone discovered climbing (some are better at it than others) and technology all at the same time. While I was hanging the laundry a little voice was saying hello… I turned and there she was through the window.


She went through the gap in the door, the carefully hooked door – especially high so little people can’t just clamber in and climb over a box and a couple of computers and then take a seat in the very comfy printer tray to eat a carrot carefully peeled, especially for her, by her big sister.


That wasn’t enough, she had to go back and check out exactly what does the father person keep in that camelback?


Aaaah! Small pleasures!


That’s it – Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I love the bookmark idea! Being a fellow Sonlighter with a bunch of kids myself, I’ve got books all over the house and I am breaking out the paints tomorrow and copying you.


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