It’s a Back to School Book Wrap in Se7en Steps…

So we are finally back at school and we needed a quick Tuesday Art Task because little legs had spent far too much time sitting at a table trying to get back into the whole school thing. And since this seems to be the week of the wrap we had a book wrapping session – to turn all those boring books into something fun to look forward too.

Last week I blogged about our school routine and how we start the day with something fun – free writing and goodies to pop into their journal. So here we go:

Step 1: Well this was the perfect week to start school because the first day was Dr Seuss’s birthday and we had to draw a whole lot of Dr. Seuss type artworks to get our heads directed towards school. Of course in the heady excitement I didn’t take a single picture!

Step 2: The next day was Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday and we had to invent some phones on graph paper.


Step 3: On the third day we painted – one color per kid (I have a plan each kidlet has their own color books) and a big sheet of flip chart paper. Now flip chart paper is your friend, it is relatively cheap and you get great expansive sheets, which means great expansive paintings.



Step 4: The paint is dry so wrap, cover, wrap…


Step 5: Tape an envelope inside each journal cover for storing important papers and stickers and things that need to go into their journals.



Step 6: Stick the relevant pictures on the relevant journals so each kid can tell at a glance, which is science, which is language arts and which is history. History is blank so far we are waiting for a little inspiration!


Step 7: You are done!


And we are good to go – filling them up as we work along.

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  1. Those are so nice and so fun and so unique. I forgot all about wrapping books. I did that all the time when I was little in China.

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