It’s a Wrap in Se7en Steps…

I am always looking for a quick and easy supper that everyone will like and also involves each person taking a turn to put their particular speciality together. Wraps are fabulous for filling with anything and everything – elaborate things at the beginning of the month and lettuce and tomato at the end of the month. These make fabulous party food, kids love them – I think they love being in control of what they pick and choose. There are parts of the world that live on heaps of meals just like these everyday and they should definitely be on your list of must know recipes. This is what we are aiming for:


I haven’t blogged this recipe before because I just assumed they were a staple in everyone’s life until a friend asked me how to make them. I used to buy them pre-made from the store but they are frightfully expensive – which is ridiculous when you consider what they are made of and how easy they are to make.

Let’s Meet The Players:

This recipe makes about 16 wraps… maybe more than most families require – you can easily halve it. Don’t make more and store them because they are only nice fresh. Here you go, these are all rough ingredients, since I am not the most accurate chef in the world!


  • 4 cups of flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 125 g of butter
  • 1 to 1.5 cups of warm water

Let’s Play The Game:

  • Step 1: Pop your flour, and pinch of salt into the bowl.


  • Step 2: Chop your butter into pieces and toss into the flour.


  • Step 3: Add most of the water, hold some back because you don’t want your dough to get too sticky.


  • Step 4: Zap until you have a springy dough. If it is too stiff then add a bit more water, until you get it just springy and light.


  • Step 5: Pop your dough onto a floured surface and cut it into enough pieces for the number of wraps you are after. We cut ours into eight and then cut those bits in half again.


  • Step 6: Roll your dough out into a thin circle the size of your pan. Keep your surface well floured.


  • Step 7: Wipe your pan with a roller towel dipped in oil. And place your rolled out wrap in a hot, dry-greased pan. It will bubble up almost instantly and then turn it over for a quick brown on the other side. Really they take less than a minute to cook.


    And your wrap is done!

Now comes the fun… And I really just put out a bit of everything, Whatever salad type goodies I have in the fridge and add a pile of cheese for those that won’t eat chicken strips.


Let everyone layer and add whatever they like to their wrap.


Roll it up, munch it up and you are done!!!


I hope you enjoy these!

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  1. You saved me from a trip to the grocery store! I was planning to have wraps for dinner but just discovered that we only have two flour tortillas left. Much more fun and relaxing to roll out some wrappers than bundle up children in the snowy weather to trek to the store. Thank you!

  2. These look great! We will definitely try them next week. I like that everyone can fill them with what they want. It seems like whenever I make something, someone is bound to not like one of the ingredients…..frustrating!
    By the way, we made your puffy pancakes twice this past week – they were a big hit!!

  3. yum – yours look lovely! Now the question is … HOW do you keep yours from going hard? Everytime I’ve made these, I’ve had to store them in a ziplock bag while I make the rest just so they stay moist and don’t get all gross and hard. Do tell!

  4. Hi K, Anything to help… You made my day! By saving someone a trip to the store I have really achieved a new level joy and happiness!!!

  5. Hi J, I love a meal where they are more in charge than I am!!! I just put out a heap of healthy choices, maybe not your traditional wrap fillings! and then let them pic and choose – aaahhhhh my job is done! Glad you liked those pancakes they are a huge hit around here. I popped over to visit your blog – love it! You look like you are having a great adventure together.

  6. Hi there T, We do ours as they come out of the pan… they stand in a row and go: the plate gets a wrap said child fills it, I make the next one and plonk it on the next plate, first child rolls and moves on, next child then has free reign of the choices and I make the next one. And so on until I run out of wrap dough. They have to be eaten instantly or you have to keep them warm on a plate in the oven – but then everyone wants to fill them at the same time and it can become a bit of a smash and grab session… even in our sedate household these things might happen!

  7. Hey man!! cant believe it s sooo easy!!
    Cant wait till later to go and make mou own wraps! My family loves wrap nights, and since its so blooming hot today, its the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks a mill!

  8. Fantasic, tried it, really simple. If you use chicken strips, try a bit of low fat mayonnaise spread on the wrap, add your chicken and other goodies, and to spice it up a bit add a dash of chilli sauce or tabasco…really good.

  9. I successfully made these wraps the first time but every subsequent time I tried to make them the wraps turned out brittle. I can’t remember what kind of flour I used the first time but surely that is the only possible variable here? What flour should I use and is there anything else that would make the wraps come out brittle?

  10. Hi Brent, I really can’t think what the problem is, we always use white bread flour and store them in a tea towel until they are all ready to serve. The tea towel keeps them warm and soft. As soon as they are hot out the pan and cool they do go brittle. I hope this helps!!!

  11. Wraps are a real winner in our home.
    I see that you are in Fish Hoek, I hail from Glencairn, but had to move back to Joburg because it was too expensive to run two homes. We hope to settle in Fish Hoek one day.

  12. Hi Cindy… Friday evening and it must be wraps!!! It is a glorious Cape Town Day and we have been watching whales playing from our deck… I highly recommend keeping the dream of living at the seaside alive!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  13. Hi! I love cooking and keeping it interesting. I live in the Free State, so on most busy days we eat the cliched rys, vleis en aartappels. Like I said, I keep it interesting and creative sometimes. I’m sure my household would love these wraps – certain it’ll kick away the Monday blues.

    Love your blog by the way.

    Keep it real.

  14. Hi Nicolene, It’s always nice to meet a local reader!!! I am all for trying new things if they are easy enough and these turned out to be just so!!! Hope you enjoy them. Have a nice day!!!

  15. Hi from Durbs!

    Just wanted to say, your recipe saved supper. We were set on chicken wraps but neither of us were keen to go out and buy wraps (they so expensive too!).

    If I had known they were this easy to make, I’d have made my own long ago.

    I swapped the butter out for 240ml oil (we’re out of butter too), worked perfectly.

    I did make the mistake of letting them cool though, which obviously made them quite brittle.

  16. HI Alex… So glad we could save the day!!! We had wraps for supper tonight… coincidence!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  17. Thank you, My family loves wraps and i never get them cause, i have to go to another shop to get them, now i make them YAY!!!! 🙂

  18. Hay Karen, So glad you found them and enjoy them. We love them, absolutely one of our family favourites!!! Hope you are having a good week!!!

  19. Thank you very much for this recepie. I have come across it by mistake and it is already a huge it in my family. My oldest boy loves tortillas, but bought ones are full of Es so yours is healthy and cheep.
    Thanks again

  20. I can’t believe they’re that easy!!!!! And you’ll see why when tonight’s post publishes.

    from now on, I’m making them myself!!!

    Do you know I’m paying R40 for 6 wraps at PnP? I’m HORRIFIED!

  21. Marcia, they are that easy – they are a little bit of work, rolling out and all. But certainly not R40. for six wraps work at all… For us that would be R80 before we even began the meal, just not an option. I make them and the joy of wraps – a very popular first choice over here, is worth the extra work!!! We just started making pita breads as well… and they are such an expensive treat when you are shopping for ten too, but to make – it’s laughable or robbery, that they get away with charging so much for flour and yeast. Hope it goes well!!!

  22. Hi from down under. Re step four what does zap mean. Am looking forward to trying these. Regards pat

  23. Hi Pat from Australia… turn the machine on and let it spin for a short flash until it is just right!!! Wishing you all the best, they are a family fave over here!!!

  24. I’ve always wanted to try these and now that we are in Mauritius for a month – and finding the food prices crazy-high, this seems like the perfect time!

  25. We have just discovered wraps as a great Sat night meal, and I am horrified at the price of bought ones! I thought to myself, I’m sure Se7en must have a recipe to make them, and I’m thrilled that you do! Next weekend I will be trying this for sure!

  26. Oh Jo, one of our most loved meals and a very popular post!!! I hope you try them and enjoy them!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

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