A Moment of Podcast Fame With The Digital Edge…

What a strange week we had last week…

We had a mad moment of fame when we were interviewed by a The Digital Edge… They were doing a podcast on the South African Blog scene and asked a whole lot of blogs a couple of questions:

  • Why do you blog?
  • What do you blog about?
  • What’s your funniest comment? – ummm never had a funny comment – all our comments are dead serious!!!

Not exactly family listening (mind your ears – none of the others were mom blogs!!!). But if you are my mother you may want to know what I sound like in a real live podcast, there somewhere in the middle of the whole podcast we really have three minutes of fame.

Otherwise if you are looking for a blog to vote for in the SA Blog Awards then you can always vote for The Digital Edge… they are the only SA Podcast I listen too!

4 Replies to “A Moment of Podcast Fame With The Digital Edge…”

  1. Congrats on your increasing fame! I listened to it-you were very well-spoken, and much more interesting than the others. 🙂

  2. Hi L, You are more loyal than loyal!!! I hope you have had a bit of a spring break and a chance to catch your breathe with all your work. Have a good week!!!

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