Sunday Snippet: Mighty Moses Scavenger Hunt…

So two of the Hoods are reading about Moses in their Bible reading for school at the moment… So I thought we could have some fun and games of the Mighty Moses variety.

Now there are two Sunday School Crafts you can guarantee your kid will do almost every year of their Sunday School career… paper weave a Moses basket and pop a paper baby into it. The other one is stick a paper person, that would be Zacheus, into a cut-out tree. Boring, snoring…

Not to mention there is a lot more to Moses than the amazing story of how his sister made sure that his mother cared for him when he was a child… We decided to do A Ten Plagues of Egypt Scavenger Hunt… only finding or using things around the house. You can find the story of the plagues in Exodus Chapter 7 through to Chapter 12, between the tale of the Israelites captivity in Egypt and their escape into the desert.

So here we go the ten plagues of Moses…

  1. Rivers of Bloods… We made some jelly.


  2. Frogs… We had a frog dash and made some origami jumping frogs that we downloaded from Family Fun.


  3. Gnats… We gathered rice grains with chopsticks.


  4. Flies… We tried to stomach a snack crawling with flies.


  5. LiveStock Dying… I hid the cows around the house and the scampered off to find them. Some of our cows were never returned they must have truly died on the spot!


  6. Sores and Boils… Face paints and plasters did the trick.


  7. Hail… We scattered mini-marshmallows.


  8. Locusts… We don’t have crops so we fed them grass.


  9. Darkness… A dig in the dressing up turned up some eye-shades…


  10. Blood of the Lamb… We raced around and stuck red card on all the doors to protect us on the night of the Passover.


That’s it – We were done! Short and sweet, it didn’t take long, but we will remember those plagues for quite a while.

Not being one to reinvent the wheel I went surfing for Moses Lesson plans and ideas and I came across this long list of cool ideas at Danielle’s Place. I like that there are games and crafts, not just endless coloring pages… As my firstborn once said: Someone should tell Sunday School teachers that most kids (I do have one hood who loves coloring) would rather do anything else than color in. Especially if they are just going to toss it in the bin when they get home… fatuous busy work! No coloring please!!! Anyway the link was full of lovely games – for things like parting of the red sea and gathering manna in the desert… Go and take a look!

Have Fun!

7 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Mighty Moses Scavenger Hunt…”

  1. What a great idea! Our favorite movie during this time of year is The 10 Commandments. I think this would be a great precurser to watching the movie this year! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog and now read it every day! You seem to have so much fun with your crew and you are inspiring me each day with my 3 girls. Blessings to you and your family!

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