Peg Doll Ponies

We made these Pony Peg Dolls at Hood #3’s pony party last week… This is what you are aiming for:


Meet The Players:


  • A peg person – with a hole drilled through big enough for your skewer to fit through.
  • A skewer trimmed down to a reasonable size
  • a cork
  • fabric scraps
  • wool scraps
  • cold glue
  • pipe cleaners
  • markers

Play The Game:

Step 1:

To get started: the skewer fitted through the peg and we popped a cork onto the top of the skewer…


Step 2:

Decorate your peg: pop a face on with markers, glue some hair on, cut a slit in the fabric and slip the head through… a dab of glue will keep the clothes in place or tie them on with pipe cleaners… I just put the materials out they put them together…




Step 3: And here they are:


Step 4: Well these have endured hours of play, races and galloping, pastures in the garden and empty tea boxes for stables!!!


A craft easy on the mother person and took hours of creating and undressing and re-dressing and decorating fun for the kids… Perfect! Have Fun!!!

9 Replies to “Peg Doll Ponies”

  1. Good morning! I just discovered this post on your ever-amazing site and just about started hypervetilating when I sew you used peg dolls! If you found them locally, do you mind telling me WHERE, PLEASE! Been wanting to do a peg doll craft for ages and have actually started contacting overseas craft shops to see if any of them would send me some. Thanks and have great day!

  2. Oh Joyful Mother… I hate to disappoint you… We bought our peg dolls in the UK, from ELC, and could never find them here (I might have seen them at merrypak but a long long time ago). I knew they were hard to get here so we looked at them for years – saving them for a special occasion!!! Madness!!! Now when we need people for a project we make pipecleaner people.

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