How Good Is Your Math?

As a result of all the little tweaks and slow improvements on our blog, there is a new little widget at the bottom of our right-hand column… a row of crackling eggs and a little fat turtle hatching its way out…

So: How is Your Math? Now those of you who follow our blog know how I love math manipulatives (not!) but these are chocolates and so don’t count!!! And no we are not affiliated to kinder chocolates – they don’t know who we are, but we sure wish they did!!!






Yup in about twenty weeks a new little Hood is due to be gracing our halls.

And just to let you know I am not kidding here are se7en reasons that I know that a new Hood is on the way…

  1. All my clothes feel like they are on backwards.
  2. Every time I fall asleep I am woken because I desperately need to make another dead of night trip to the ladies.
  3. Of course as soon as I wake up I discover that I am so hungry that I could eat a plank.
  4. There is not enough dark Lindt chocolate in the world, but I could settle for a grilled tomato smothered in mustard.
  5. Tying my shoe laces is possibly the hardest thing in the world and I will very soon be unable to see the tiny people saying “up, Up, UP.”
  6. Every time I sit down to read a story I fall asleep and I am stunned awake by children crying out: “What’s next? What’s next?”
  7. Did I mention a bit of fatigue well lets just say you can expect posts to get shorter and shorter and crafts simpler and simpler as the naps around here get longer and longer!

We are all very excited and the naming game is in full swing! There is a palpable level of anticipation but my word there is still a long time to wait!!!

31 Replies to “How Good Is Your Math?”

  1. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! I love your blog and you have given us so many fun things to do and try. Will you be changing your blog to ei8ht? lol.

  2. Congrats again! I also wondered a while back if you’d change to ei8ht, but then what about 9, 10, 11… hmmmm! So perhaps you can make it "se7en and then some" or se7en+ or se7en + 1 or …!

    Enjoy the next half of the pregnancy and the new baby on the other end! I am very excited for you (and more than a tad jealous!! ūüėČ )

  3. congratulations :)) i was wondering if you would have more im so happy for you , we have been talking about having another to make five so im all clucky right now and this has made me worse lol

  4. Hi S, thank-you so much, it is always good to hear from folk who enjoy our blog!!! You aren’t the first person to ask if we will change our name!!! Have a Good Weekend…

  5. Hi T, thanks so much, nice to hear from you again! ei8ht, ni9e, 10n…e11even…. No I think we will stick with se7en!!! Everyone will have se7en siblings anyway! I can’t believe how big your little guy has got – and what a cute wide smile he has too!!! You all have a good weekend!

  6. Hi T, Thanks hay! Trouble is they are so cute!!! We couldn’t stand to think that #7 was our last little cuddler!!! Have a good weekend!

  7. WHAT A FUN and NEAT way you shared the news with your readers!!!

    A HUGE and Heartfelt congrats to you and your family!!!

    I look forward to all your posts about how big siblings prepare and celebrate the baby-to-be. ūüôā

  8. Hi K.M. – I am so laughing out loud!!! I can’t believe you read our humble blog!!! I read yours too and I am in such awe!!! Everything always looks so neat and tidy!!! I totally loved your puppet theatre post yesterday… Thanks so much for commenting!!! Have a great weekend!

  9. Congratulations – how exciting! Looking forward – can imagine there must be great excitement in your home. Thanks for your blogging – sounds like you guys have such fun, we are enjoying adapting things for Keira. Look after yourself

  10. Wow! Skip the blog reading for a week and you can miss some really big stuff! Congratulations!

  11. Hi M, Sorry to take sooo long to respond… I replied on the day but a gremlin was hard at work! I just wanted to say thank-you so much for coming back and making the effort to comment! Have a great weekend!

  12. WOW!! So finally the word is out?!!? I have had to be quiet for so long…..wish I come and help out. I am thrilled to be having another godchild. All 7 are amazing and fantastic and are missed greatly by me and the godfather. Take care and we send all our love, Aunty K

  13. Hay Aunty K… You should just be here for the heady excitement of waiting for a new sibling! We have passed mid-way and I think it makes the waiting harder!!! Lots of love right back to you!

  14. Hi Sid, Thanks…Ei8ht should take you straight to us!!! Fantastic to hear from you – I hope you and your family are doing great!

  15. All great, thanks. Mmm, maybe I should register 9ine now and beat you to it ūüôā – or would it be ni9e?

  16. I just found your site today and LOVE it. Its funny that as I am bopping around the posts I read the one about ‘not having pets until all Hoods are out of diapers’, the next post I read is ‘hey #8 on the way!’. It looks like an attempt to further delay the pets! ūüėČ CONGRATULATIONS!!

  17. Hi there HLA, Welcome to our blog I am so glad you enjoyed your visit!!! Yup #8 is looming!!! And we won’t be doing pets anytime soon!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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