Saturday Spot: The Vegi-Box…

We have had a dreadful week weather wise but this was our pick-me-up. Our vegi-box arrived with enthusiasm on Thursday…


And hidden under that spinach was a whole heap of bright yumminess…


Our celebrity chef climbed in as usual. Spread it all out and decided the weeks menu – really you all need a 4 year old like this one!!!


He tried the broccoli, and it was up to scratch.


And what is this – a whole new undiscovered item…


No fear, jump right in and try it out.


Smell it.


Taste it.


It’s great but not that great!

And then there is this bag of joy…


Would you just contain your excitement long enough to take a picture…


And then he whipped up a snack that everyone would eat – nothing exotic, not all siblings are foodies!!!


Our vegi’s come from Ganics: Organic Products to be honest I have never even looked at their website before (this is in the shopping department and so I leave it to the father person.) Luckily! I just popped over and saw all the good things I could add to out list!!!

8 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The Vegi-Box…”

  1. ganics is the BEST – curious though – how do you get it delivered to you? I thought they only went as far as Tokai or something. I know Sue was super disappointed they didn’t go as far as her. And another question – we get ours twice a month – and 3 Thursdays ago we had really REALLY bad squash – bitter, inedible – how was your squash?

    Taryn’s last blog post..excessively grateful?

  2. Hi T, They don’t deliver to us directly… we made a plan with my mom, who lives up the line. It forces us to visit and check in on my folks at least weekly – not a bad thing, since without a quick stop by, time can easily get away from us! Otherwise we have never had a bad anything – no doubtful starters here! You probably just had the “unlucky lemon” of the squash bush that day!!!

  3. today on the way to work I was daydreaming about your veggy box. What a nice treat. I pass a fruit stand daily, I wonder if they would make me a box to pick up each week. I never stop because I am in a hurry and we don’t eat enough fresh stuff.

  4. Hi K, You are so right the fact that it comes in a box and I don’t have to think about it really helps… and the fact that we don’t have to go near that section of the supermarket really helps… We just get our box and munch our way through it till the end of the week!

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