The Week That Was – 51…

Out came the sun…


And out we went too. Suddenly winter became manageable! And then everyone got streaming colds – even the mother person – horrors!


Cold winter mornings means Puffy Pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast – I can live with that!


The Celebrity Chef made some cheesy bites.


Not to mention a plethora of pirate puppets.


We read some books:


Otherwise: We went to the Book Fair…


And learnt how a printing press works. The printer gave the kids heaps of huge sheets of paper to take home.


The girl children went home and did coloring…


And the boy children made huge paper jets – and did they go!


We ended the week with a wild dash to the beach with friends and a de-sanding hose down for the worst of the sandiest of them before heading home for a warm bath!


As for me – well if you live in Cape Town now is the time to contribute a comment: I am in the market for a gigantic gigantic swimming costume… I joined the gym a couple of months ago and I have been dragging my greatening body up and down the lanes – while all sorts of elite and lithe looking creatures soar past me. At 14 weeks till #8 I don’t want to quit, but I do need to upgrade that cosi… Do not direct me to maternity clothing shops because quite frankly frilly cupcakes are for eating not for wearing. I have always had this problem with maternity wear, just the word sends shivers down my spine. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of person and I hate frilly ribbons and bits and pieces advertising my bump and trousers you pull up to the ceiling or constantly around your ankles just don’t do it for me… I normally just raid the father person’s cupboard and upsize my clothes… But for obvious reason I haven’t been able to find anything useful in the bathing costume department of his cupboard – help me out here – send me a solution!

As for a book of the week: When people in our house are under the weather we resort to only one series of books and that is Calvin and Hobbes… minimal words for the mother person, maximum pictures and inspiration to all sorts of hideous projects but they are laid too low to implement them – hehehe!!! We have a couple of these that we keep for sick days but look what I found – a complete collection, now that is something to dream about!


Back to the kids and their doings and viewings:

Hood #1: Did some more zoobing and our house is littered with scorpions.


Hood #2: Spent the entire week launching his giant paper jets.


Hood #3: Went on a sewing frenzy and has been sewing and sewing all week with barley a pause.


And started a gym class!


Some of us just couldn’t go the distance!

Hood #4: Had his birthday and did the whole cake chopping thing with finesse.


He had an alarming amount of help with the munching.


Hood #5: Is still working on flat bread.


And has a new and potentially terrifying passion for unscrewing every screw in sight.


Hood #6: Read a whole lot of books and then read some more and some more and some more!


She took her hot dog lunch very seriously!!!


Hood #7: Don’t come between a girl and her Dad!


Or her biggest brother.


Yup, she is quite happy to sit and watch that big brother all morning!


Have a Great Weekend!

11 Replies to “The Week That Was – 51…”

  1. If you’re expecting in 14 weeks, I think we’ll be gone for the blessed event so be prepared for a drive-by shooting of a pack of paper plates at any time. Botswana beckons us….

  2. Comment #2 Josh likes your shiney floors. He says, “They look so slippery, that’s the best part.”

  3. Have you tried gumtree?

    or here:

    Personally, I’d go with the board shorts, long gym top thing – but that’s not neccesarily easy to swim in. Otherwise, cycle shorts and long gym top. Honestly though – maternity wear these days is NOT all frills and cupcakes (lol!!) – so trawl the web and you may find something more doable like the links above! 🙂

    Loved the pics of your youngest and oldest – so sweet!

  4. Hi Josh, We like the shiny floors too, they are the first thing that struck us about our house… between the shiny floors and the rock we just had to buy it!

  5. Thanks T, Your comment vanished into Spam – I don’t think it liked the advertising link!!! Anyway I will take a look, thank you so much for answering my desperate plea! Have a great week!!!

  6. hi!
    im a regular reader but this is my first comment 😉
    when i was preggy, i just went to the Speedo factory shop in Epping and bought a cozzie there. the bigger sizes accommodated for all belly growth and other.

    for gym wear, try Mr Price Sport. their yoga clothing range is awesome for an expanding tummy. Sportsmans warehouse also has a maternity gym wear range that is frill-free. 😀

    ive been using you recipe almanac, and am very popular with the family now!

  7. Hi L, Thank-You so much for commenting. You are a star I had forgotten all about the Speedo factory shop and will definitely give them a try! I am so glad you are enjoying our recipes!!! Have a great week…

  8. Hi, if you like you could also try the Oggi factory shop in Harfield – Kenilworth, I bought a cosy – that was not really maternity, but it was lined at the back and double lined and sort of pulled in at the one side in the front – it accomodated an ever expanding tummy etc. and was surprisingly flattering. I still wear it .

  9. Hi C, I am so glad I asked this question I have received a whole lot of fantastic answers to try!!! Thank-you so much for taking the time to comment… I am going on an expedition this weekend! You have a great week!

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