Saturday Spot: Easy Walk From boulders to Seaforth…

I needed a super easy outing, very close home, midwinter cabin fever had set in. I could have taken the guys down to the beach for a run but I needed to see something. So we took the easiest walk in the world from Boulders to Sea Forth Beach and back again.


The walk is free. It is easy enough for toddlers not to need to be carried. There are plenty of benches for mothers in need of rest! And there are so many things to look at that it is interesting for bigger kids too.


From the walk you can look down on Boulders Beach, which is devoid of people on a wintry Saturday afternoon but I wasn’t about to pay for a run on the beach when we have a beach that’s free two seconds from home. Beach entry is R10.00 for kids and R30.00 for adults.



You can also look up on the most fantastic houses, which overlook the beach – frankly I have had my eye on this one for years… hmmmmmm! I could move in here yesterday, then again it looks a bit big for me – I am all for small houses and minimizing housework!


So what’s to see along the walk:

There are dassies to spot and they are quite hard to spot they sit still as stone and then bolt faster than lightening only to be motionless in the shadows again!


Otherwise there are all sorts of secret paths and interesting gates leading to those lovely houses dotted above the beach! And we make up endless stories of who lives there and what they get up too. Roald Dahl would be proud of us!



But actually what everyone goes to see is the Jackass Penguins and this is a great time of year for them…


You find them in holes in the ground.


Or in rows and rows of artificial holes in the ground – penguin apartments apparently.


They were all sitting around sluggishly in the sun.


We saw some eggs. Yes you need to look carefully they are camouflaged you know!


But lots of little brown babies had hatched. They didn’t look so little with all their fluffy feathers – but I think underneath all that fluff they were little baby penguins! Like most kids they were waiting for their parents to feed them and they weren’t all quiet easy babies either…


Anyway there is a good easy walk close to home. My older kids still needed a serious run on a free beach afterwards to get rid of ALL their mid-winter cobwebs! But for most of us it was the perfect mildly energetic outing!