Saturday Spot: Oggi is it!!!

A couple of months ago I joined the gym, hoping to swim my way through hood #8’s pregnancy. As the weeks went by my swimming costume appeared to be shrinking, but actually I was just expanding!

After weeks of searching and scrounging I sent out a desperate plea in last weeks “Week That Was Post.” Needless to say my loyal readers came to the party and I spent the week following your leads. Luckily I phoned them and I didn’t trail my se7en from pillar to post!

Finding a costume in the middle of winter is well alarming, try it when you are a number of months pregnant and it becomes quite impossible! One maternity shop I phoned sounded absolutely horrified – what was I thinking – “Swimming in my condition – in winter!!!” And my favorite comment was from the one maternity shop who said: “We don’t make maternity clothes for large ladies. Modern mothers are all tiny.” I of course am from the fourteenth century!!! And I might have been tiny for hood #1 but that was 11 years ago, not to mention se7en kids ago!

But the one lead – thanks to Carin – was for Oggi. And Oggi is the place to shop!!! Follow the link to find their address and contact number.


The lady serving was super helpful, she didn’t look at me and say “Oh my goodness they don’t make costumes for hippos!” There was an actual selection of costumes – like a range!!! I got one with lots and lots of tummy stretch and I was the happiest shopper in Cape Town and I will definitely be returning with all my hoods to buy their costumes before the next swimming season starts.

So should you be a “mom-to-be” in Cape Town desperate for something to swim in, even if it is just to sit in the pool during a long hot summer, then Oggi is the place to go. Don’t let it be the very last stop in a long list of guesses. Really get yourself to Oggi first!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what nerve to say something like that, and last I checked, the modern mothers I hang out AREN”T ALL TINY! I don’t think I could’ve been so mice to someone like that! Glad you found what you were looking for! Thank goodness for good help!

  2. Hay B, Indeed Thank Goodness for that illusive “good help.” Two days later and I am still the happiest shopper in Cape Town. Now I just have to get back to the pool! Have a good week!

  3. Stripping down to a costume in this weather is very brave of you!!! Good luck with the swimming.

  4. Shop assistants can say the most appalling things sometimes. I was told many, many times while paying for my groceries at Pick ‘n Pay that my daughter was fat! And she was, but do they think you haven’t noticed?! I found it very hard to be, how shall we say, self-controlled in those moments! Nowadays she is “more evenly distributed” so we don’t get so many comments.
    Hope you enjoy swimming:)

  5. Hay S, In a heated indoor pool at the gym – not very brave I am afraid, just desperate to keep mobile!!!

  6. Hay D… Yup, let’s just say the first thing that jumps into our minds shall we!!! Thanks but no-thanks!!! More alarming is they hadn’t even seen me!!! You have a good week!

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