World Map in Se7en Steps…

Did I mention we were getting ready for some virtual travel!!! Because we are! And along with a means of transport all good travelers need a map, so here is ours…


    Let’s Meet The Players:

    • old magazines – food magazines don’t have a lot blue pages!
    • white glue
    • crayons
    • food-coloring

    Let’s Play The Game:

    1. We began by shredding up magazine pages – just the blue, there is a lot of ocean on our planet.
    2. Then with watered down white glue we painted a big peace of card and we got stuck in. Literally!!!


    3. And we had a world ocean.


    4. We traced a continent for each of the se7en.


    5. Then we had a crayon frenzy.


    6. Followed by painting with food coloring.


    7. And lastly a snip and a stick and our map is good to go – literally!


    We will be back with more travel preparation next week. Have a great weekend.

19 Replies to “World Map in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hi se7en! I keep trying to comment, but I am having some kind of trouble with blogger sign in or something…grr…

    anyways, I love love this project! We are going to have to try this at our house, I love the look of collage. Where did you find the continent shapes?

    I am enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing!

    Jenny in Ca

  2. Hi J, Sorry about the commenting dilemma!!! We used printer paper (which is thin enough to see through) and traced the continents off the map we use for school (from geography songs). Hope that helps! Thanks for persevering with commenting! Have a great week!!!

  3. I must say I am impressed that you managed to do something most of the Australian children over here forget to do! You kept Tasmania near Australia! Mostly the poor place gets left off their maps!

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