Se7en All Terrain Vehicles in a Matchbox…

We are getting ready for a virtual traveling event of note… We will be needing maps and passports, baggage and a whole heap of paraphernalia… But possibly the most important thing we will be needing is an all-terrain vehicle.

We started with a brainstorm session:


  • Would it need huge wheels for clambering over obstacles?
  • Would it need wheels or sails?
  • Would it need to fly or float?
  • What sort of storage will it need?
  • What about aerials and satellites?
  • What sort of fuel would it use?
  • What would it need for traveling at night?

Let’s Meet The Players:


  • matchboxes
  • cut off pipe-cleaners
  • colored toothpicks
  • tin foil
  • bottle caps
  • cardboard off-cuts
  • copious amounts of white glue
  • tik tak (prestick)

And Play The Game:

This was a totally “free-to-be” project, no steps, no guidance – just fun.


Two hours of sticking and copious gluing and nattering away and se7en vehicles were done!


You would think that I used my time fruitfully and got two hours worth of housework done… but actually I spent my time far more wisely and spent two hours alongside them making my own vehicle!!!

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