The Week That Was – 2.2

So it is Saturday morning and we are all glued to Inspector Clouseau, let’s see if I can write a post before he finds “The Tornado”…


Another sunny week in the midst of winter – it hasn’t even been that cold and the Hoods have had a mad week of torch tag on dark winter evenings.

As usual we read some books:



Our book of the week has to be:


I have read it at least four times a day, every day this past week – La La La La Lei!

While we were all making All Terrain Vehicles this little robot arrived on the scene. I hope it cleans toilets, but I have my doubts! He hasn’t even washed the dishes yet and he was left on the sink for two days.


They also have markets on their mind and started an “under the bed craft market” with heaps of products for sale:


And here is a glimpse of the weekly ritual of sharing out “Saturday sweeties…”


So let’s see what all the guys have been up to…

Hood #1: Designed some sort of flying machine and made some miniature goodies:


Hood #2: Built a catapult, you never know when you might need one!


And did some painting.


Hood #3: Well, her sewing frenzy continues!


Hood #4: Spent ages reading to his little sister…


Hood #5: Is not just a Celebrity Chef.


Hood #6: Helped her brother write a book…


And discovered the stapler…


Hood #7: Discovered the xylophone all on her own… tinkle tinkle…


Finally, I absolutely love when folk say nice things about our blog, take a peak at this from Stephanie!!!

OK – It cannot be done… you cannot watch the Pink Panther with se7en kids and laugh out loud and write a blog… back to the drawing board!

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  1. Hi D, Thanks for asking… if I had to rate it on the number of internal bumps and thumps I would have to say Hood #8 is doing great!!! You have a good week!!!

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