Quick and Easy Paper Bunting, Paper Garlands Everywhere!

When I posted our Virtual Voyage Notice Board on Saturday I knew that I had to post a quick bunting/garland “How To” post for you all…


I confess we go a bit mad for anything that looks like a garland or bunting… Just a piece of ribbon or string – a little thematic goodie and you are literally free to decorate away…


Thread them, glue them, wind them whatever…


Back to our Bon Voyage Bunting:

Let’s Meet The Players:

  • Colored Paper
  • Ribbon or String
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

Let’s Play The Game:


  1. Fold your paper the width of the triangles you need for your flags.
  2. DSC03519

  3. Cut your colored paper into triangles with the long edge against the fold in the paper.
  4. DSC03520

  5. Open up your triangle, and you will have a diamond shaped piece of paper. Pop your thread or ribbon into the diamond and glue the ends of the diamond closed.
  6. DSC03521

  7. Glue the letters onto your flags and you are done.

What I love about this project, apart from the fact that kids can easily do it on their own and you really do have whatever you need lying around your house, is that you can make paper bunting from almost any type of paper, you make it huge and you can make it tiny… these are miniature ones for a dolls house…


Bunting works for “Welcome Home,” “Get Better Soon,” Happy Birthday,” “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year” and of course, “Bon Voyage.”


That’s It. Have Fun…

8 Replies to “Quick and Easy Paper Bunting, Paper Garlands Everywhere!”

  1. Incredible! Great! Gotta do it… Your Tuesday-art-task-days always leave me with a grin and giggle.

    Garlands make the world more festive and fun!

  2. Hi K-M, Yup, Garlands turn any event into an occasion! Great to hear from you – we all loved your balloons and birthdays this past week – fabulous, shiny balloons! Take Care and Have a Good Week!

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