The Week That Was – 2.5

Busy, Busy, Busy… this was our science week and not a single experiment came to pass – unless of course watching raisins rise and fall in a glass of soda counts. Yup, that counts but doesn’t really put a dent into the number of pending experiments!!! But you will have to look at our mid-winter weather and be a little understanding:


Glorious sun-shine from end to end – well one overnight, and morning of torrential rain but we needed a sunshine break and a story book marathon anyway! And since we weren’t busy with school we got to stock up at the library…


We celebrated Beatrix Potter’s Birthday on Tuesday with tea and cake:


We made a trip to the bakery to choose lunch:


We had another little visitor – this robot arrived on my laptop and then went to live in an Ndebele Hut.


Here are our other Ndebele Huts:


Otherwise we re-painted our totem poles that were fading away:



I was late for supper on the only rainy night and a wild hands on version of twenty questions ensued… all was forgiven when I produced this chocolate dessert!


And my kids survived yummy chili poppers and the Pioneer Woman issued a chili health warning the same day!


And we had a mad Friday movie night and a sleepless sleepover for a couple of older hoods…


If you follow our blog you will know we are a bit wild for poetry and our book of the week will have to be: Animal Tracks by Charles Ghigna and illustrated by John Spiers… packed with animal poems – we love it!


Hood #1: Made some more citrus juice and kept up an entire running commentary of the earth’s crust, mantle, core all the while.


Hood #2: And this one irons!!! Look at that!!! I have arrived!!! And look at what he is ironing… if it isn’t se7en tea-towels that are finally packed and ready to post!!!


Hood #3: Has got into crafting and only wants arty crafty books fromthe library – packed with projects if you don’t mind… we are glittering and sticking, decorating and stitching … it just doesn’t stop. Lovely!


Hood #4: Went on a serious bug expedition and this was his best find – along with a couple of ants, spiders, worms and well grubby looking things.


Hood #5: Will this guy ever wear the same socks – really I don’t want him too at this stage because after 4.5 years it is a bit of a trademark.


Otherwise he continues to plate up , while everyone else is munching up…


Hood #6: Discovered thtockingth (stockings) and lived in them – apparently their is no other outfit. Apart from that she did a whole lot of gardening, helping, lifting, carrying…


Hood #7: Look what can not keep out of the vegi-box…


And our art projects are no longer safe:


Hood #8: Continues to wriggle and jiggle inside. Not to mention their seems to be a bump in almost every photograph I take!

That’s us, I hope you all have a great week!!!

4 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.5”

  1. Hi JulieK, Nice to hear from you! GLad you like our “Week That Was Posts.” Not our typical week – we got so many things done, yet not a single thing I intended. Indeed a holiday from our school holiday that I guess I over planned!!! I hope you and your family have a fabulous week together!

  2. I’ve been away from blog-land for a while and, until reading this post, didn’t realize that Hood #8 was on the way….congratulations!

  3. Hi B, Welcome back, #8 is indeed on the way and we are all getting quite desperate to meet this little wriggler – me more than most!!! Have a great week!

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