Hot Lemon Pudding in Se7en Steps…

So we are back to talking about lemons! In a recent post: Se7en Recipes and Tips For Bulk (Frugal) Vegetable Shopping… I was surprised to discover just how much we enjoy lemons!!! Anyway I have this friend, who is the most fantastic cook, everything is always good. Last week she sent us a recipe for a hot sticky lemon pudding… we tried it out straight away: success… lovely lemon success!!! Why didn’t I know this easy recipe off by heart before!!!

Thanks M and here comes her Hot Lemon Dessert:


Let’s Meet The Players:


  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of butter
  • 2 Tablespoons of flour
  • 1 Cup of milk
  • 2 lemons

Let’s Play The Game:

Step 1: Separate your eggs.


Step 2: Whip your egg whites until they are stiff, keep the yolks for later. Put the whipped eggs aside while you follow the other steps. (I always whip the egg whites first because there is nothing worse than getting half way down a recipe to discover you need you eggs whipped and your whipping bowl is now full of mixture – so whip them first and use them later. It is only a few minutes they have to stand and they aren’t going anywhere!).


Step 3: Now cream your butter and sugar together.


Step 4: Add your egg yolks to the creamed sugar mixture and cream some more.


Then add in your 2 Tablespoons of flour.


Add in the cup of milk.


Step 5: Get the zest and juice from your two lemons and add it to your mixture.



Step 6: Fold in your beaten egg whites and pour your mixture into a greased oven proof dish. Bake at 160 degrees Celsius (320 degrees Fahrenheit) until the top is set and gently browning.


Step 7: That’s it. We sprinkled icing sugar on top…


This desert separates into a layer of sponge cake on top and a layer of lemon curd underneath – lemon heaven! And it can be served with cream and/or ice-cream!


Meanwhile we decided we needed a dessert later on in the week so I happily doubled it and got to the lemon stage to discover that my lemon chef had already been there and we were out of lemons!!! So I melted a slab of fine chocolate into the mixture instead of the lemon and it worked out great!



That’s it! I hope you enjoy it!!!

9 Replies to “Hot Lemon Pudding in Se7en Steps…”

  1. How much butter do you need? This looks so yummy I’m going to make it tonight I think!

  2. Yum. This sounds delicious. I have a 5 year old who also likes to cook. I was looking at all your ‘Monday Munchies’ last week and he was so excited. He keeps on asking when we are going to make cookies with the sparkles in the middle.

  3. Hi K, Well spotted – you found my error – I am sure every post has a couple!!! You will need 1 Tablespoon of butter. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Hi R, So glad to find another short chef!!! If you look on the right-hand-side under “features” you will find a couple of really kid friendly recipes made by ours!!! Happy Baking and have a good week!!!

  5. Hi Julie K, Oh I hope it goes well for you… Sitting on a typhoon sounds quite precarious. We are having nights of torrential rain and days of glorious sunshine – can’t complain it is still midwinter, really!!!

  6. Hay Marcia, I would say… this is a no fail recipe… whats not to love about lemons!!! I would say go for it!!! Have a wonderful week… lots of lekker love!!!

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