Saturday Spot: Trafalger Square and Parkour/Free Running…

I know normally you would go to Trafalger Square to chase pidgeons:


or climb a lion:


You could even visit the National Gallery (or any number of other London Sites nearby).

But today this article struck me. And I really wish we could have been in London over the weekend to watch the World Free Running Championships… and if you don’t know what free running is, well it originated in France and is called Parkour. It is an urban acrobatic sport where athletes try to move fluidly over any obstacle in their way… it involves leaping over walls, off buildings, cat like balance and is splendid to watch.

Here is a link to a you tube video of a game of Parkour tag… (don’t let your kids watch you tube movies on their own – the advertising can be alarming. I also turn the sound off in some of the Parkour videos – cool to watch but the background music can be inappropriate).

At the bottom of this website are links to a number of different free-running techniques, with links to videos for all of them, like the 270 cat and the kong to kat. Just in case you need a bit of exercise to wake up your day!!!

My guys are mad for watching Parkour, not to mention clambering and have developed a race route around the house. Living on a mountain slope helps!!! It involves, balancing down the stair rail and slipping under/over a high gate up the side… a mad dash through the kitchen and up the wall, in our inside/outside room.



Yes we start them young… who knows this may be the next great sport and our kids will be ready for it – at least they will be ready for something – even if it is only urban acrobatics!!!

Have a great weekend!

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